Galloping Gazette

A newsletter for the Faculty and Staff - Week 4/29 - 5/3

Put Students First • Seek Growth • Be Open to Change . Do Great Work Together • Value Differences

Principal's Message for the week:

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WOW! If this week is any indication of how we are going to finish the year, we are in for a dynamic May and June. The level of student engagement, excitement for learning, and meeting students' individual needs in our classrooms was out of this world. The passion that each one of you show for Christopher Farms is one that no school can match. From the volunteering on Earth day, delivering pizzas to put a smile on our students' faces, honoring our volunteers, you went above and beyond the call of duty this week. We can never tell you enough how much we appreciate all of your hard work inside of the classroom and outside of the classroom. Continue to support each other as we prepare our students for their end of year assessments and let's continue to bring the JOY. This week, I was inspired by Danielle to share the love for podcasts. Podcasts are a great way to continue to learn new ideas and get inspired while driving or cleaning your house. Below is an excellent podcast on Finishing the Year on a strong note.

Looking forward to another amazing week at the Farm and Field Day!


Shout Outs

Thank you Miriam for putting in such hard work into our Pizza Night! It turned out to be a big hit! - Ally

Thank you Jenny R. for always giving your advice on how to make assessments and activities that will help our students become successful! - Ally

The grounds look beautiful after our Earth day beautification! Thank you to all who helped! - Ally

Shout out to Liz Pascual for facilitating the Math Problem of the Week board! My class is totally psyched about this and I thank you Liz for providing the extra practice in such a motivating way! - Susan

Shout out to Kelly McNeely for showing me how to open my data unit with a technology based lesson. We had fun, and it feels great to have taken that step! - Susan

Shout out to Mrs. Bussierre for the awesome and energetic plant presentations for fifth grade! - Frances

Also, the school grounds look beautiful...thanks to all who worked so hard on Earth Day. - Frances

Thank you to Jennifer Pleasant, Robin Mounce, Wende Phillips, Ceci Fantano, Alisha Jacobs, Robyn Backer and Patti Porter for all their help and support with Kindergarten Registration! I couldn’t have done it without you! - Karen R.

Thank you to Colleen, Debbie and Barb in the cafeteria for making the cookies and setting up the cookie table for Kindergarten Registration. You ladies are the best! - Karen R.

Shout out to all the grade 3-5 math teachers that are working hard to remediate our "roadmap" students before our SOL tests! You guys are amazing! - Jennifer R.

Shout out to all the Earth Day volunteers for beautifying the front of our school. It looks great! - Jennifer R.

Shout out to Kelsey O'Hanlon for being helpful and assisting one of my students by playing with him in the morning. - Darle

Shout out to Alainya for always thinking of others! - Jackie

Nice Job Liz on the ice cream SOL review boards and the questions! Thank you for getting that started for grades 3-5! - Ally

If you have any shoutouts, please send them to Ms. Backer and Mrs. Jacobs by Thursday.

Schedule for upcoming weeks

Apr. 29th - May 3rd

Remember - this week starts PLCs will be only 45 mins from 2:15 - 3:00. Grades 3 -5 should bring their post-tests and notes from that week's roadmap.

Monday, April 29th

· 7:00a - 8:00a SOL Reading Club

· 2nd Grade PLC

· 2:40p - 4:20p Girls on the Run (Rm 7)

Tuesday, April 30th

· Lifetouch Kindergarten Graduation Pictures

· 3rd Grade PLC

· 3:00p - 4:00p PAC Meeting (Library)

· 3:00p - 7:00p Blood Drive (Cafeteria)

Wednesday, May 1st

· Lifetouch 5th Grade Graduation Pictures

· 7:00a - 8:00a SOL Reading Club


· 1st Grade PLC

· 2:40p - 4:20p Girls on the Run (Rm 7)

· 2:45 - 5:45 Music Play Dress Rehearsals (Cafeteria)

Thursday, May 2nd

· 5th Grade PLC

· 2:40p - 4:00p Stem Club Meetings (Rm 34/ Computer Lab/ Rm 38 Art Room)

Friday, May 3rd

· Field Day!!

· 4th Grade PLC

· 8:10 - 2:40 Watch Dog Dads (Wizotskey/Ortiz/Knight/Sandoval)


May 6th - May 10th - Teacher Appreciation Week

PLCs will be only 45 mins from 2:15 - 3:00. Grades 3 -5 should bring their post-tests and notes from that week's roadmap.

Monday, May 6th

· 2nd Grade PLC

· 2:40p - 4:20p Girls on the Run (Rm 7)

· 2:40p - 4:00 Newspaper Club

Tuesday, May 7th

· 3rd Grade PLC

· 1:30 - 2:15 SOL Training (Rm 36)

· 3:00p - 4:00p Leadership Meeting (Library) - Cancelled

Wednesday, May 8th


· 8:30am Spring Concert

·1:30p Spring Concert

· 1st Grade PLC

· 2:40p - 4:20p Girls on the Run (Rm 7)

·7:00p Spring Concert

Thursday, May 9th

· 5th Grade PLC

· 1:30 - 2:15 SOL Training (Rm 36)

· 2:40p - 4:00p Stem Club Meetings (Rm 34/ Computer Lab/ Rm 38 Art Room)

· 2:45p - 4:00p Eco Club (Cafeteria)

Friday, May 10th

· Field Day (Rain Date)

· 1:30 - 2:15 SOL Training (Rm 36)

· 4th Grade PLC

PBIS: Tip of the week

Check out this article on how social and emotional skills like perseverance and empathy can improve academic and overall student success.

PBIS: Be Ready, Be Responsible, and Be Respectful

The following teachers and TA's completed the final week with handing out stickers for "catching" students Being Respectful: Kane, Featherston, Dorbin, Pascual, Willett, Kesner, Young, Jones, Johnson, Zaleski, Gollihur, Witherow, Torres, Nicolosi, Kernodle, Cooley, and Bagnall.

Way to go to all teachers, TA's and staff for working on this PBIS challenge!

Don't wait on your Talent ED!

Just a friendly reminder that Talent ED will sneak up on you. Please take a look at your Talent Ed and start making a plan for what you need to complete by the end of the year. For those that are on a Summative year, please see the attached document to view directions on how to access the Frontline Professional Growth annual and Summative Evaluation Report.

Field Day Potluck

Please sign up with the link below if you would like to participate in the Field Day Pot Luck. You wont want to miss out on all the great cooking and treats!

Dismissal Notes

Teachers, before sending your classroom messenger to the office with dismissal notes, please make sure the notes include the child's full name and the teacher name. This will make the dismissal change process run more smoothly for Mrs. Fantano.

Math Question of the Week

Teachers in grades 3-5: Please have your students check out the "sweets" themed math question of the week board by the bathroom near the Innovation lab. Questions will be posted each week for each grade level. Students just need a half sheet of scratch paper and a pencil. Have them write their name and teacher's name on their paper. They attempt the problem, show all of their work, and circle their final answers on their paper. Then they fold it and place it inside the grade level "mailbox" at the bottom of the board. At the end of the day on Thursday, all of the responses will be checked and a winner will be chosen at random. Each grade level will have one winner that will go on the announcements that Friday and receive a coupon for an ice cream at lunch.


Friday, May 31 has been identified as the final date for circulation of library materials to students. This will allow the library media staff sufficient time to retrieve books and other items checked out by students and complete necessary end of the year library processes. The following library media services will be provided through the last day of school:

  • The library media centers will remain open for instruction, including lessons led by the library media specialist or other instructional personnel. Also, it will remain open for students to work in small groups or individually to complete assignments
  • All print resources and equipment will remain available for faculty use. Circulation for faculty will continue until the last day of school, Friday, June 14.


The redirect page that has been in place since the migration of the Intranet on January 1, 2019, will be phased out according to the dates shown below. The redirect page has been provided as a convenience to allow users who may be using saved bookmarks or favorites time to update or replace them. Please update any saved bookmarks or favorites to reflect the existing intranet home page ( Doing so will help to ensure that all staff will be able to continue to locate the resources and information located on the intranet quickly and efficiently.
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Don't forget about trying out our Colt Tracker!

This link will, also, be in our handbook along with our flowchart!

Important Links from the principal packet

Simply out of this world instruction!

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CFES showing their pride on Earth Day!

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Celebrating Our Amazing Volunteers!

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Keep these coming!

Please check out our form below to see how Mrs. Porter and myself will be celebrating our students and continuing our positive culture and environment.