Haleakala National Park

hard to say fun to go

Welcome to Haleakala National Park

Haleakala is a beautiful National park. It is 49,453 acres. It has waterfalls, mountains, and forests.


Haleakala is located on Maui island in the state of Hawaii. It takes 17 hours to fly there from Boston.

Things To Do

Take Pictures

You can take pictures of the spectacular views to remember your time at Haleakala. You can take pictures of waterfalls, mountains, volcanoes , flowing lava, some of the animals, plants, and more.


You can hike non active volcanos and mountains at Haleakala. There are a lot of exciting and different trails at Haleakala National Park. If you take the Pipwai trail you can see 2 amazing water falls!

Admission Fees Per 3 Days

  • $5 per person with out a car
  • $10 per car
  • $5 per motorcycle
  • group rates available

What To Bring

You will want to bring :

  • sun protection
  • food
  • water
  • sturdy shoes
  • and anything else you may want to bring

Things To Know


The temperature changes greatly throughout the day. It can go from 80 degrees f (27 c) to as low as 30 degrees f (-1 c). It can be hot and humid or cold and a little wet.


The high elevation at the summit may complicate breathing difficulties. Pregnant women, young children or people with heart conditions should consult a doctor before climbing. Walk slow at high elevations.

You Might Want To Know

There is nowhere to eat in the park.


  • honey creepers (a bird)
  • n`en`e (a duck like thing)
  • `ua`a ( a bird)
  • seabirds (a bird)

For Kids

Kids age 7-12 can participate in a free junior ranger program. They can also learn the Hawaiian alphabet and Hawaiian myths.

Places To Visit

  • The summit area (mountains)
  • The kipahula area (coastal)
  • The wilderness area (mountains)


Maui Hawaii was formed by a volcano. Haleakala was officially named a national park in 1961. South Pacific Islanders discovered the island of Maui about 1,600 years ago.
All images are from the N.P.S. link below