Technology Products in Science

Making Connections

Lighting the Bulb

Supplies -

  • D Battery
  • Wires (Gauge 22 - I used two wires between 67 & 8 inches long each)
  • Wire cutters
  • Small light bulb (3 volt flashlight bulb)
  • Alligator clips (optional)
  • Bulb holders (optional)
  • Battery holder (optional)
  • Tape - scotch or electrical (optional)
  • Extra hands

This technology product in science was made by MzLoo, Room 225, 10/13/16.

Stripping the Wires - Procedure

What will I do next time to extend my learning.

I want to try
  • an alternate power source such as lemons.
  • to spin a fan.
  • use multiple light bulbs in a sequence.
  • Make a switch to turn on and off.
  • Try a light sensor to turn on the power.

Try this link for a fun online activity.

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