Lunchroom Makeover Project

How can we make improvements to our lunchroom with $30,000?

Thanks, Sydney Claire!

Sydney Claire won $30,000 for a lunchroom makeover for our school from Uncle Ben's Ben's Beginners Contest.

Description of the Project

Our students will create a budget spending $30,000 to update the lunchroom. They will create a layout of the lunchroom. The culminating activity will be a sales pitch presentation to a lunchroom makeover committee. We will incorporate writing through a opinion piece on why their design is best.
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Significant Content

Math-counting money, measurement, plane shapes


Language Arts-fact and opinion, sentence structure

Technology-research skills

Steps to Culminating Product

  1. Develop a budget of how to spend the $30,000
  2. Design a layout of the lunchroom maker
  3. *Present a sales pitch to the lunchroom makeover committee


  1. Reflection Journal
  2. Rubrics
  3. Observation
  4. Writing conferences
  5. Math conferences
  6. Summative assessments of skills within the project