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December 2015

Kimberly Smith

Lower School Teacher
Skype: icademyksmith
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School Calendar for 2015-2016 School Year- UDATED

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Progress Goals for 2015-2016 School Year

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Important Start Dates

First day of School:

Term 7: January 6th

Attend all through the Online School in your Class Connect Sessions:

iKid Social: Jan. 14th - See OLS Class Connect Schedule for Time

Getting Started in Lower School: Wednesday, Jan. 15th at 11 am EST

Policy and Procedure Meeting: Tuesday, Jan. 12th at 12 pm EST and 8 pm EST

Progress Goals 2014-2015 School Year

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Important End Dates

Term End Dates:

Term 11: December 10, 2015

Term 12: January 8, 2016

End of Year To Do:

*2-5 Full Time Students ~ End of Year Scantron (Login Info will be sent as testing windows open)

*K-1 End of Year Fluency Assessment

*All Work Samples must be turned in

*Inform admissions of plans for 15-16 school year (respond to 'Intentions' kmail once received)

*Discuss courses for 15-16 school year with homeroom teacher


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November Coach to Coach Session Recording

Thank you to all of the learning coaches that shared at our first Coach to Coach session. It was full of so many great tips and tricks!! Please watch the recording to hear all of these suggestions.

December Coach to Coach Session Recording

Kids Corner

December Fun Facts

Seasonal Fun Facts

by FamilyEducation Staff

Expand your holiday trivia knowledge with these interesting tidbits from past and recent history.

New Year's Ball

Holiday Past

The original ball lowered in Times Square on New Year's Eve back in 1907 was made of iron and wood and decorated with 100 light bulbs.

Holiday Present

The modern New Year's ball is made of Waterford crystal, covered with 696 light bulbs, 96 strobe lights, and 90 rotating pyramid mirrors.

The Popular Poinsettia

Holiday Past

Poinsettias were first introduced into this country in 1828 by the U.S. ambassador to Mexico, Joel Poinsett.

Holiday Present

Poinsettias are now grown in all 50 states and represent over 85 percent of potted plant sales during the holidays. Over $220 million worth of poinsettias are sold during holiday season!

Kisses in Color

Holiday Past

Hershey's started wrapping their Kisses in red, green, and silver foil for the first time in 1962. The success of the holiday-wrapped Kisses led Hershey's to dress up their little chocolates for the Easter, Valentine's Day, and Fall Harvest seasons.

Holiday Present

Hershey's now wraps up to 1,300 Hershey's Kisses a minute. That gives them the capacity to make approximately 33 million Hershey's Kisses a day, or more than 12 billion a year.

A Tree of Lights

Holiday Past

In 1949, the tree at Rockefeller Center was strung with 7,500 bulbs.

Holiday Present

Now more than 25,000 bulbs are strung on the tree - that's more than 5 miles of lights!

The Tree Tradition

Holiday Past

The first American mention of a Christmas tree was in 1747, and, strictly speaking, it wasn't a tree at all but a wooden pyramid covered with evergreen boughs and decorated with apples.

Holiday Present

Once the tree idea caught on, it grew by leaps and bounds. More than 34 to 36 million Christmas trees are now produced each year in the U.S. The industry employs over 100,000 people, and over 1 million acres of land have been planted with Christmas trees.

Artificial Trees

Holiday Past

Artificial Christmas trees were on the market by 1900. They were available by mail from Sears, Roebuck and Company, and cost 50 cents for 33 limbs, or a dollar for 55 limbs.

Holiday Present

Most artificial trees are now manufactured in Korea, Taiwan, or Hong Kong and contain non-biodegradable plastics and metals. They usually range in price from $200 to $2,000.

Holiday Mail

Holiday Past

The first Christmas card, created by a London businessman, was printed in England in 1843. Three years later, the first commercial Christmas cards were available to the public. One thousand cards in all were produced and they were an instant success.

Holiday Present

The holiday season is now the busiest time of the year for the US Postal Service. Last year, over 20 billion cards, letters, and packages were sent, causing the USPS to hire nearly 40,000 temporary workers and put thousands of additional trucks, trains, and planes in service.

WORK SAMPLES for 2015-2016 School year

There are the work sample requirements for grades K-5. They have been updated again for the 15-16 School Year.

We will go over these during our 1:1 conferences this year.

You will scan and save them as pdf, or take a picture and save as a jpeg. Then you will send them to me with the new File Sharing Option in the OLS. Video on how to file share:

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Did you Know that K12 has many great apps in the mobile app stores?

If you have an iPad, Kindle, tablet, etc. that you allow your kids to use, they may be missing out on some really cools apps that K12 offers. You should visit the full list at

Many of the Apps are FREE, with only a couple that cost a few dollars.

There is an app for each grade level in K-2 that has all of the K12 Classic Reader Stories. They include the pictures and the story can be read aloud.

Also check out the fun math apps like K12 Choc-It-Up or xGerms Addition