Peter The Great

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Officially known as Peter I

  • Peter the Great was born in 1672 and he died in 1725

  • Peter was tsar of Russia from 1682 to 1725

  • His self-given title was Peter the Great though he was officially Peter I.

  • His life was mostly under threat

  • His reign was marked by a program of extensive reform known as Westernization and by the establishment of Russia as a major European power.

  • After his death, Russians soon came to realize that Peter had been the country's greatest ruler

  • Peter took the throne in 1682 when he was just 10 years old

  • He took control of government in 1689

  • Peter worked to build Russia’s military power

  • He created the largest standing army in Europe, built world-class navy from scratch, and set out to expand Russia’s borders to the West and South

  • He brought all Russian institutions under his control

  • In 1697, Peter set out on his Journey to the West. Where he visited European cities and learned western ways.

  • Peter imported Western technology and improved education.

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