I'm From The House on Mango

Maggie Hayes

I’m from a house on Mango Street

I’m from being over protective over my sister

from having lots of siblings

but still feel alone

i’m from being ashamed of crumbly red places i’ve been

from wondering if one day I’ll get out

maybe i was embarrassed it took so many years

but then we began to dream the dreams

i’m from being sad, alone and judged

those who don’t know better come into our neighborhood… scared

feels like there judging a book by its cover

feeling confused and lost

i‘m from finding the meaning of my name

In English my name means hope

in spanish it means sadness and waiting

from not being loved

im from wishing i had a different life

from being unloved

im from being tied down with an anchor

from being lost in myself

im from wanting to be the waves in the blue ocean sea

from trying to not forget everyone

im from never forgetting where i’m from

never forget to keep writing

im from finding who i am and what i go through
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Margaret Hayes

Im from poem by Margaret Hayes