FTE WEEK - please take accurate attendance! / FBLA WEEK

Weekly Events

Monday 2/8

6:00PM – JV Baseball vs. HHS

6:00PM – Softball @ AHS

7:00PM - Cafe Live $5 RHS Gym

Tuesday 2/9

6:00PM – High School Success Night for incoming 9th graders, cafeteria & media

7:00PM – Varsity Baseball @ Nature Coast HS

Wednesday 2/10

7:40AM – RAM University teacher meeting, room 106

8:30AM – Senior Panoramic, gym - all seniors report to gym, no backpacks.

3:00PM – Boys Weightlifting vs. FHS

3:00PM – Track @ GHS

6:00PM – JV Baseball @ GHS

Thursday 2/11

FBLA guest speakers 4th & 5th period - Media

3:00PM – Girls Tennis vs. ZHS

3:00PM – Boys Tennis @ ZHS

7:00PM – Varsity Baseball vs. RRHS

Friday 2/12 - Course Cards (Blue) are due to English Teachers.

7:40AM – Faculty Collaboration, room 106

Delivery of Chocolates by Spanish Club

6:00PM – Softball @ Central HS

6:00PM – Varsity Baseball @ Hernando HS

Saturday 2/13

Band Competition @ ZHS

9:00AM – Saturday School, EBD 1

Sunday 2/14

Happy Valentine’s Day

Monday 2/15

No School – President’s Day (12 month employees only work)

6:00PM – JV Baseball @ JWMHS


WICOR: AVID’s Foundation for Teaching and Learning

Writing is basic to thinking, learning and growth, requiring students to consider issues in new, complex ways, contributing to self-knowledge, and helping them to clarify and order experience and ideas. AVID Curriculum supports writing through the use of Cornell Notes, learning logs, quickwrites, reflections, process writing, authentic writing, and peer evaluation.

Inquiry is foundational to the higher level cognition required for college success. AVID’s emphasis on inquiry focuses on the application of Costa’s three levels of “intellectual functioning,” whereby learning to ask progressively more complex questions is scaffolded and students become progressively more aware of their own thinking processes. AVID Curriculum supports inquiry through the use of levels of thinking, skilled questioning techniques, Socratic Seminars, tutorials, and guiding questions.

Collaboration involves intentionally designed student groups engaged in “co-laboring” toward meaningful learning outcomes. Students are responsible for their own learning but through helping others learn, they are actually strengthening their own learning.

AVID supports collaboration through the use of Philosophical Chairs, service-learning projects, peer editing groups, and group activities and projects.

Organization is critical to success in academic and social situations. Students must learn to plan effectively for academic assignments, organizing information and ideas for papers and projects. Consistent with its focus on promoting “individual determination,” AVID provides support for the organization of materials, assignments, assessments, handouts and notes. AVID curriculum supports organization through the use of binders, organizational tools, planners, graphic organizers, study groups, and SMART goals.

Reading strategies are provided to AVID teachers with common-sense and research-based strategies designed to help students read more effectively. Skills such as “reading with purpose" can be scaffolded with more complex activities to ensure that students are connecting reading material to prior knowledge, understanding the structure of texts, and using text-processing strategies during and after reading to improve comprehension. AVID curriculum supports reading through the use of deep reading strategies, note-taking, vocabulary building, summarizing, and reciprocal teaching.

Please contact Cady Baer or Kristen Martanovic with any questions. Look for examples and templates of the AVID strategies by the copiers behind the media.

Kudos Learning, Safety, and Pride

Tisha Doohen recognizes the following for Pride and Learning for their donations and help with Parent University: Catherine Adair, Pam Wright, Denise Williams, Tina Finn, Rene Martinez, Patty Hanley, Erik Hermansen, Colleen Dura and Alyssa Jones.

Mrs. Doohen also recognizes, Lori Walker, Kevin Walker, Laurie Tyree and Stacey Fisher for Safety in helping and providing backup to bus duty.

Mrs. Murphy recognizes Lou Clegg & Melissa Olen for making the Super Bowl Tailgate a great success! We could have not done the set up and management of everything without you!

Mrs. Murphy recognizes Debbie Romano & Melissa Olen for answering all of the phones, remaining calm, and professional in a crisis situation. Thank you!