Herschel Walker

Living with Multiple Personality Disorder

About Herschel

  • He is the 1982 Heisman Trophy winner
  • Pro football star
  • Olympian
  • Olympic torchbearer
  • Bobsleder, sprinter, mixed martial artist

Herschel reveals many sides of himself

He released a book called "Breaking Free" which was about him acknowledging his form of mental illness known as Multiple Personality Disorder. In the book he comes to terms with his diagnosis and hopes to educated people on the disorder and break down stereotypes. For him, the disorder causes his emotions, like mad, sad, angry, etc. to not come together as one, but are in alters of emotion. One or the other part of the identity takes over and controls his actions.

Herschel Walker's personalities

In his book he mentions his personalities and some of which are, the Hero, the Coach, the Enforcer, the Consoler, the Daredevil, the Warrior, to name a few. He says the personalities have caused a lot of good but also bad. It caused him to lose his wife (divorce). As well, it caused him to play Russian Roulette once. Also the disease has given him homicidal thoughts. His ex wife described him to be fine one minute and then suddenly have violent episodes, but then having no memory of it.