"Heir of Fire"

Written by Sarah J. Maas

In the beginning of the book, Celaena is up on a roof in Wendlyn. She talks a lot about how she's given up trying. What do you think would have happened to her if Rowan didn't show up to take her away?

I think that she would have just stayed where she was in the city. She would keep getting into bar fights because she couldn't feel anything. At this point she was still numb from losing her best friend Nehemia and from she was betrayed by Chaol. Even though she knows he didn't mean to hurt her the way she did, she knows it will never be the same, that she will never be the same. The responsibility of making sure she follows through with her vow to free Nehemia's people is weighing her down. She definitely would have given up for sure if it weren't for Rowan.

Why do you think that at first Rowan and Celaena despised each other so much?

Celaena is still recover from her loses and she really doesn't care anymore. She doesn't want to make friends, she just wants to train so she can go to Doranelle and find out what she needed to know about the Wyrdkeys. She has no room for being nice or trying to start a relationship with him, so instead she just fights him. Rowan on the other hand, is a warrior. He will do his job and that's it. Since he is Fae, he is hundreds of years old. He doesn't care about being nice or trying to know something about her. A big part of it is they both have to same personality and usually when alike personalities clash, it isn't all that good.

What was your first impression of Aedion? How did it change when you learned the truth about who he really was?

At first I thought he was a jerk. The type of person who knows he the best and acts like it all the time. He wasn't very kind and was very vain. I also thought that he was traitor because he was helping the kingdom and the man who destroyed his country and family. In reality thought it was all a muse. He was leading a rebel group against the king. It turns out that he is fiercely loyal to his people and to his queen Aelin (Celaena). It surprised me a lot. I thought that he was a sell out to the king but really he's been pretending for years that he is on the kings side. I respect him a lot and he became one of the more interesting characters.

Why do you think that Chaol hasn't chosen a side yet?

I think because he's afraid of going against everything he believed in. He knows what the king is doing is wrong, but he's supposed to be protecting them since he's the Captain of the Guard. Also Dorian, the prince, is his best friend. Even if they aren't in the best place right now in their relationship, Chaol still loves him like a brother and would do anything to keep him safe. He's scared to leave Dorian behind, and knows he can't ask him to go against his father even though he knows Dorian wants to. Chaol wants to do the right thing, but he's afraid to.

What do you think was keeping Celaena from shifting into her true, Fae form?

I think it was fear that kept her from shifting. She likes to have control in all situations and she doesn't have that control yet when she's in her Fae form. Also her magic is fire and she's afraid of hurting people with it. When she was little she said she was terrified of falling asleep and having a bad nightmare, because that distress could cause her to burn everything. She's afraid of burning up because her power is so strong.

How has Celaena and Rowan's relationship changed after he made a blood oath to serve her? How will it change from now on?

Towards the end of the book they actually became friends. They had an understanding with one another. They had a strong bond before he made and oath and now it's even stronger. When he swore to stand by her side until he died, their bond became unbreakable. He now will do anything to protect her and serve her. She doesn't act like she owns him though, she did it to save him from his other blood oath. I think in the future their relationship will change from platonic to romantic, because it's hard to be that close and not develop feelings for each other.

How do you think Celaena will react when she returns home and sees what has become of her friends?

I think that she will do anything she can to save her friends. It will be hard to save Dorian because now he is under total control of the king, especially since she's supposed to be leading an army of rebels against the kingdom. She also has another mission to find the wyrdkey that her master at the Assassins Keep. Aeidon is in the dungeon under acts of treason, but Chaol is fine for now. She's going to do everything she can to save them, but it's going to be difficult. She's going to need a lot of help to save them all.