January 10, 2016


Happy New Year! We are back in action at Ridgegate for a positive and productive Spring semester. Thanks again to our Process Champions for inspiring us to remember our passion for education. Ms. Curry gave us wonderful affirmations to help keep us uplifted and inspired throughout our journey. I would like to take this opportunity to recognize a few of many interactions observed by Ms. Evans and myself this fantastic first week back....

Ms. Allen, Mr. Burgess, and Ms. Hsu going above and beyond to make sure walkers got home safely during Friday's downpour at dismissal.

Ms. Nichols, Mr. Lewis, and Mr. Wyche demonstrating CKH by greeting students at the doors or in the halls in the morning.

Ms. McBride for tutoring students as well as actively monitoring students during recess.

Mr. Castro making efforts to promote student leadership while implementing workstations and Guided Reading.

Ms. Allison and Ms. S. Williams keeping up student motivation with popcorn celebrations.

These are just a few of the awesome RGE teamwork and positive interactions that make us GREAT!!! Please know that we recognize that you are all awesome each day in some way and these are just a few examples of how great our RGE team is when we work positively together.

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Happy New Year!!!

At the start of each new year it is customary to create goals for the year. We, individually, created our goals at the beginning of the school year. Now is time for us to revisit our goals and review our progress. Around the end of January/start of February, Ms. Evans and I will be touching base with you to review how you are doing with the goals you have set for yourself. This is not a formal process but just a check-in to see how you are doing and what support you need.

Questions to begin thinking about in preparation:

1. Where are you in relation to progress within your set goals?

2. What do you need to make progress or continued progress with your goals?

3. What are you going to continue to do to progress in your goals? or...What are you going to begin doing to progress in your goals?

4. Do you want to revise/edit your goals?

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11 DRA2 Window opens -February 5

PLC: Kindergarten

12 READING DA 3rd-5th (S Williams)

TOMS due to Riley (5th grade)

13 DTM Coaching (Lucas)

Science CFA

PLC: Third Grade

14 Math CFA

15 Career Day (White)

18 MLK Holiday

19 Reading/Math/Science/Writing Camps Begin


21 Writing CFA

22 Reading CFA


26 Progress Reports

Science CFA

CBLT at 3:45 (Holmes)

27 Junior Achievement3rd-5th (White)

28 Second Grade Field Trip (Joiner)

SMI Observations (Lucas)

Math Night 6:00-7:00 PM (Math Committee)

29 Math CFA

Campus Wide Poetry Slam at 2:00 in the cafeteria (Gardner)

PLC will be back on schedule January 19th; Tutorial letters will be sent home with select students in Tuesday Folders on January 12th.