Weekly Warrior

Volume 11 Issue 10 January 29, 2018

Important Dates

Jan 30th-Basketball Sweetheart

Jan 30th-9 Week RTI Due to Department Chairs

Feb 5th-TorchPrep for Students who Registered with Ashley Cummins

Feb 6th-TorchPrep for Students who Registered with Ashley Cummins

Feb 7th-Department Meetings

Feb 9th-End of Trimester 2

Feb 10th-National ACT Test Date

Feb 14th-Class of 2022 visits SWHS (Current 8th grade @Southern Middle)

Feb 19th-KOSSA Testing Begins-Testing runs through 3/2

Feb 21st-Faculty Meeting

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Scores from our 2nd Mock ACT

Our juniors took a second mock ACT on January 9th, and their scores are now available within the CERT program. CERT is an acronym for College Equipped Readiness Tool. Students are able to login and work to improve their ACT score.

The % of students meeting benchmark in each area for tested students is below:

Login instructions for CERT--Students use their school email (firstname.lastname@stu.pulaski.kyschools.us) as their username and either swhs or warriors as their password. If you have students who were absent, please ask them to login and complete the test online. They can take the entire test in one session or each part separately.

Exam Room

This tab allows students to go back and look specifically at their responses to questions on the test. There are video explanations of each question and what the correct answer should be. When reviewing, have students use the feedback column, where they decide after watching the video they would still miss a similar question or get that one right. After they finish reviewing the exam, they will get an adjusted score based on the feedback they provide. This will help students realize that maybe it just takes a few more correct answers to raise their score.

Study Hall

This tab allows students to review based on the topic of their choice or if directed by their teacher. If you have just covered a specific topic in class and want kids to have more practice, this might be a good option for your students.


In order to have access to the scores your students received and the work they do, you need to create a group and enroll your students. Once you login, look for Groups and select Create New. Name the group, enroll your students, and be sure to select both Review Details and Create Group (2 clicks). Teachers login using their email address and warriors as their password.

Non-Traditional Instruction

As of today, our district has utilized iLearnPulaski days on the following dates during Trimester 2:

Date & Assignment Name




Please encourage students to turn in these assignments, and enter them quickly into Infinite Campus using the guidelines above. Please enter the both the assigned date and the due date as the date we used for each iLearn day. Please remind students that we have to have a high percentage of participation in order for these days to be approved at the state level or they will have to be made up as well.

We currently have the lowest rate of participation for iLearn days 2, 3, and 4 in our district. We need all teachers to enter their grades for these days.

Chicken Soup for the Soul

Chicken Soup for the Soul has a new series on wildlife conservation and animal behavior for social studies, science, and language arts teachers. Volume III is recommended for young adults. Our students might have some interest in these heartwarming stories. These eBooks are free of charge.

Success With Higher Standards

Southwestern High School will strive to graduate every student college/career ready and prepared for the 21st century.