"AppSmashing-ly" Beautiful Collages

Using appsmashing to create great images!

Wait wait...What even is "Appsmashing"?

I'm so glad you asked! It's not actually as complicated as you would think!

All appsmashing is is using multiple phone, tablet, or computer applications to achieve some goal! For example, if you post a video to Facebook, you will use both your camera app and the Facebook app—that's appsmashing!

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The Activity

You will have your students put together a photo collage, similar to the one pictured above, of a predetermined type of organism. Using their technology (that was a part of the new BYOT program) students will have the capability to complete this task.

What apps will we need?

-A device with access to the internet

-A photo collage app (plenty of free apps: I like picstitch or frametastic)

-Camera (optional)

Let's make it happen!

1. Tell your students that they will be using their technology, so they can power up phones, tablets, and computers.

2. Tell them to download picstitch or frametastic, with a wifi connection this should only take between 60 and 90 seconds.

3. Instruct them to use the internet and/or the camera to capture images of a certain type of organism (this can be decided by you, type of plant, mammals only, or animals you would find in Africa, like the image above)

4. Instruct them on how to use picstitch to put these images together into a collage.

Suggestions for Assessment

This activity will be graded very simply. The goal of this activity is two-fold: 1) Teach them about a certain type of life and how to identify it 2) Create a level of competence with using their technology in the classroom.

A potential rubric could be as follows

__ /10 Identification Make sure the student chose the correct type of organisms according to your instruction.

__ /10 Execution Verify that the student properly used the technology afforded to them for this activity.

Does this activity meet curriculum standards set by the state of Georgia?

This particular task meets multiple life science standards for the fifth grade level set by the state of Georgia (including organism classification, and inheritance of traits S5L1 and S5L2), however this activity can be adapted to almost any different learning level!