Should prostitution be legalized

by Kayla Jordan

Should Prostitution be Legalized?

Yes, prostitution should be legalized because the government could have better control over the practice, these people would have better protection against violence, and it can decrease the demand of sex-workers.

Protection against Violence

If this practice was legal then the woman would be better protected against violence. These woman are often targeted because what they're doing is illegal. People (mostly men) go after these women because they know they won't go to the police. Going to the police means not only the embarrassment in tell what you do for a living , but also admitting that they are breaking the law. That's like a drug dealer going to the police because they were robbed. Pointless. The police are not going to help the drug dealer get his drugs back just like they won't help protect these women who are desperate enough to provide for their family's that they have to go to such great lengths just to get by.

Better control over the practice

If they legalize prostitution then they could easily keep track of or eliminate the dangerous, unhealthy, or excessive amounts of the practice. There are a lot of woman who are forced into the business, but if the government make the practice legal then they could keep track of everything. There may still be underground issues but they would be cut down by a lot.

Lower Demand?

Studies show that after something has been legalized less people want to do it, and they do it less often. It is kind of the same thing as drug use. People who do drugs like the rush of not being caught, they like the rush of knowing they can get caught at any minute. I think in a way the same thing applies to this. People usually want it because it is easy to get, but what happens after you feel that rush of Adrenaline? You want to do it again. If it is legalized people will be less likely to want use the service. Certainly, people will want this service for a long time, but if legalized it may cause the business to get smaller.

The industry is not perfect, but what is.?

There are many flaws is the sex industry, but what industry is perfect? Many people do this type of work by choice. People chose to do this type of work because the pay is good, they enjoy their job, and they make more than they would at any other job they can do. Many woman and men participate in this type of work. Yes, there are many flaws with this type of work but making it illegal doesn't make it go away. If it was legal it could be monitored and controlled. The main problem people have with this industry is perverts that kidnap young girls and force them into this practice. This however, is not the case for everybody. If this practice was legal then the police could monitor the ages, health, and participation of all the workers. There would obviously be regulations with the industry such as being over 18, being in good health, and making sure you are not endangering and children you are in contact with. This practice will never be perfect, but we can help make it better.