Cambridge City

Western Wayne/ Lincoln Sr. High School

The community

. Population- 1870- 91% white, 5% black, 2.6% mixed, 2.7 hispanic

. per capita income- 21,700 (Wayne ct.)

. Median family income- 39,131 (wayne ct.)

. persons below poverty line- 19.9%

. Mean travel time to school- 20 min

What this info says

This info tells me that I will be teaching in a predominantly white, rural, area. That most of the people aren't raking in money, 1/5 of the population being at or below poverty.
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Lincoln Sr. High School

. school mission statement- "A proper and suitable education by adults who offer fair opportunities for all students to be successful. We feel students deserve dedicated teachers who are excellent role models and provide a caring and safe environment. We believe all students deserve an atmosphere where learning is encouraged and expected. We believe all students deserve to be treated with respect in a harassment free setting. We believe students deserve to be empowered to develop goals through broad exposure to careers and future life choices. We believe all students deserve to feel a sense of support from a variety of sources."

. Title 1- yes, 40% or more of the students are on free or reduced lunch 51.63%

. student population- 361, White- 358 Black- 1 Mix- 1 Hispanic- 1

. student to teacher ratio- 12.95/1

. % on Free lunch-39.05%

. % on reduced lunch-12.46%

How will this info impact my teaching

The main way this info will impact my teaching of History or Social Studies is in the materials I may use in lessons. I will try and find alternative perspective materials to use so that I can show students something outside of their 90% white community perspective. Also due to the high poverty level I will have to keep in mind the monetary and technological limitations of the students. However, these things should be feasible to accomplish with the small class size.
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State Measures of Lincoln Sr. High School

. Avg. per pupil expenditure- $9,492 (ww)

. min. Teachers salary- $32,116, (state- $24,000)

. max teachers salary- $57,742, (state- $87,602)

. % students passing math ECA- 45.2%

. % students passing language arts ECA- 72.9%

. % students in middle school passing ISTEP math- 81.3%

. % students in middle school passing ISTEP language arts- 6-94.9% 7-74.7% 8-86.8%

. compared to the rest of the state- Math 45.5% < 68.8%, Language arts 72.9% < 75%

. suspensions- 32

. expulsions- 2

. drop outs- 6

. attendance rate- 94.1%

. graduation rate- 82.4%

. % taking SAT- 46.2%

. % going to college- 66.2

This information will help me as I go into student teaching in that it I am going into a place where students are not quite meeting standards. This doesn't mean that students are not smart but perhaps that they are just not retaining the information. so maybe alternative tactics of delivering information might be beneficial. some questions i would have for my school would be what kind of test scores are their students getting in social studies? that is my subject area after all. Why do they feel they are not meeting standards? how are they going to go about meeting those standards? why are students leaving middle school ahead but then leaving high school behind?
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