Romeo and Juliet Partner Project

Due February 19th! ((No Exceptions))

Part 1: With a partner, create an alternate Act for the ending to Romeo and Juliet

Create a script, including the following:

-2 scenes / 10 points each

-dialogue / 20 points

-stage directions / 20 points

-minimum of 500 words / 40 points

Click here to see an example:

Have fun & be creative. Here are a few ideas:

* Turn Romeo and Juliet into a comedy

* Maybe Juliet ends up with another person

* Romeo changes his mind and falls for someone else

* The Friar steals away Juliet

* The poison that Romeo buys doesn't work correctly

* Romeo and Juliet get to live

Part 2: With your partner, create a movie poster advertising for a modern day movie of Romeo and Juliet


Full Size Poster in color -30 points

Title & Author/Director -10 points

Important Scene Illustration - 20 points

2 quotes - 10 points

1 important symbol -15 points

Starring: 3 characters/celebrities -15 points

Email me with any questions!

Here are a few links that may help you find ideas for your poster and your alternate play ending!

Both parts of the project are due February 19th!

There will be no exceptions for a late project; 6-weeks grades are due Friday the 21st.

10 bonus points will be added to projects that are turned in early.