ECLC Class News

Week of 1/10/16-1/15/16

What we did this week ...

Our centers and books were about snow. I read the books Winter is for Snow, Let it Snow, and Snow Dog, Go Dog. The kids keep telling me that they are hoping for snow. It is hard to believe we will get any snow with weather like today.

For our centers, the students put snowflake letters in alphabetical order and created CVC words with the letters. They scooped up snowballs(cotton balls) with scoop tongs (see the picture below), and created addition problems with the snowballs they scooped. They created snowflakes with pattern shape blocks.

Other things we did this week ....

In math, the students worked on counting, ordering numbers, identifying different lengths of objects, and shapes.

In phonics, the students learned the letter, key word and sounds for the letters q and z. The key word for z is zebra and queen for q. The students also learned that q sticks to u like glue. We have now completed all of the letters of the alphabet. We will continue to practice the letters and sounds, with a short warm up session at the beginning of each phonics lesson.

The sight word this week was "go." We learn and practice sight words in fun ways. The students spell the words with wiki sticks, play dough, magnetic letters, and letter beads. This is something you can do at home too.

If you are interested in being a guest reader, please let me know.

Have a wonderful weekend.

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ABC Song: The Letter Q, "Question For Q" by StoryBots
ABC Song: The Letter Z, "I'll Be with Z" by StoryBots
Go Song - Sight Word Song Music Video