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My Last Goodbye

Last week, I spent my time thanking you for a wonderful year here at Wilson! All of you truly hold a special place in my heart. For the practical part of the goodbye, I want to ask your help with a few end of year tasks.

*complete RtI Notes in Aware forms for each students on RtI Tier 1, 2, or 3

*Activity Fund requests need to be given to Michelle.

*Michelle will be working with time sheets, so please let her know if there are changes with your timesheets.

*Ask Jennifer (or each other because you are all wonderful) for instructional decisions or assistance.

*Text or call me anytime.

*Last, but not least, give Chris a little slack if he seems overwhelmed!

Keep doing what is best for kids! You are amazing, personable, and dedicated to the children. This truly has been one of my best years in education. I hope to see you at the end of the year party!

Keep Tweeting!

Congrats on GE Model School!

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Marching into May

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Literacy Ladies

This link will assist you with in entering student inventory scores.

This link will assist you with DRA Assessments.

This link with assist you with DRA Assessments on Level 28+