Hi! I'm Anna Spain. I am 13 years old and entering 8th grade. I love being around kids and playing with them. Here's what I have to offer:

~ I can cook simple meals

~ I love fun crafts and games

~ I can help with their homework (I have straight A's)

~ I can put the children to bed

~ I will clean up any messes that are made while I'm there

~ I will be "un-plugged," but reachable

~ I have completed the City of San Ramon Babysitting class

What I Charge:

I charge $7 an hour for one child and an additional $1 for each additional child (Up to three children at a time).

I am most comfortable sitting children ages 5+, but am available as a "mother's helper" for younger children.

Where to reach me:

My cell: (925) 389-3454, texting OK if you have an iPhone.

My email:

My mom's cell (Cynthia): (925) 785-8595