5B Newsletter

February 5-9, 2018

We have slid right into the third quarter! Lots of great learning is going on in 5B.

In reading, we are reading the novel Red Kayak. The students are looovviinnggg it! They get mad with me every time I have to stop reading it. They are really starting to see the connection to our theme of: At a Crossroads: Choices, Challenges & Consequences. We will be doing a Socratic Seminar with the book in the near future. I am going to ask for the help of current Project Arrow students for this activity since they have participated in these before.

In fifth grade math we started our fourth module. Students are going to be multiplying fractions in the next several lessons. They are continuing to work hard.

In accelerated math, students will be solving equations by eliminating denominators and using parentheses.

In writing, students are completing their Revolutionary War Hero papers and have begun designing a comic strip depicting an event from the war or their hero. They are really doing a tremendous job on their papers and their comics. So excited for them to share them.

In spelling, students will be having a list that has R-controlled syllables. I have started to see grades going down in spelling for some so please make sure your child is reviewing their words on a nightly basis.

In social studies, students are reading about the many battles of the American Revolutionary War. We are busy taking notes and discussing all these important events in our history.