8th Grade Math

Newsletter January 2016

Welcome Back!

Well, we're only one week into the second semester and things are already moving fast.

We jumped right in to unit 7 - transformations. The kids are not only plotting points and drawing shapes, they are also translating (sliding), reflecting ( flipping), rotating ( turning), and dilating (enlarging & reducing) those shapes on the coordinate grid, as well as, writing the algebraic representation of each of those transformations. If you are not sure what that means, ask them, I bet they'd enjoy showing you.

We are having to go fast through this unit so there will be a little homework each night for practice. If the kids get home and can't remember what to do, the bobcat math website

( www.bobcatmath8th.weebly.com) will help as well as the online textbook (my.hrw.com). The math on the spot videos from the book are a great resource.

Tutoring towards STAAR

Tutoring schedules have been set up and each day will be dedicated to a specific skill. The kids have analyzed their benchmark tests and have taken data and filled out a form on what skills they need more help on before the STAAR test in March. Each 8th grade teacher will be teaching the same skills but on different days. Each teacher has their own schedule so please contact your child's teacher if you need more information about this tutoring. Your student/child should be able to help you with this information, but if not, just contact one of us and we will help you out.
Colin Dodds - Geometric Transformations (Math Song)
Transformations by Shmoop