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Should Chewing Gum Be Aloud In School?

Do YOU know the facts?

Many people think that chewing gum is distracting and unuseful during classtime. But most of these people don't know the facts and statistics that chewing gum can keep you focus and alert. If you actually look at scientific observations then you too will see how gum is rather healthy than just a treat.

Studies and Statistics

Like I mentioned before many people think gum is unhealthy and isn't good for you. But on the contrary research by Trident, a gum company, has proved that chewing gum that is sugar-free can decrease or reduce cavaties by 70%. The Wrigley Company, another gum company, claims that since World War 1 soldiers have been chewing gum to focus and increase concentration. The American Society for Nuitrition found that students who chewed gum during a class over a 14 week period gave those students a strong increase in test scores and assignments. This students also did better then those who did not choose to chew gum. Kathleen Melanson from the University of Rhode Island, has proven that chewing gum can also raise your metabolism by at least 20%.