Community College vs University

Which would you attend first?

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Would you attend a Community college before a University?

I chose this question because I want to know if it would be easier to go to a community college before a 4- year University. I mean, people do say Community college is just another high school. This is a very important question because I want to know what's better, especially because I'll be in college in about 3 years.
Community College Vs. University | My Advice & Tips

What is better to start off with?

Out of all the resources, I've read that it might be better to join a community college first. The reason for this is because community college can prepare you for a University.

What is a University?

A university is a college for instruction, examination, or both, of students in many branches of advanced learning. Usually, a university is pretty big with a large campus.
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What is a communiy college?

A community college is A nonresidential junior college in which people in a local area. Community colleges are smaller than Universities because they don't expect as many people to attend.

"The averages range from $2,200 apiece to community college students to $7,700 apiece to private university students. But about half of all college students get no free money and have to pay the full price of college by borrowing, working, or withdrawing from their savings."

Community VS Universities

This shows you the pros and cons of a university and a community.