Watch out with Ebola its deadly

Ebola facts

Ebola is a virus that belongs to a viral family called Filoviride that causes hemorrhogic fever that produces bleeding inside and outside the body.

Disease tranmission

Animals-Chimpanzees,forest antelopes.gorillas,monkeys,porcupines.Other things that can give you this disease include contaminated water,blood,body fluids,breast milk, feces,saliva,seman,sweat,urine, and vomit.

Symptoms and cures

Nausea and vomiting, diarrhea (may be bloody),red eyes,raised rash,chest pain,cough,stomach pain,severe wight loss,bleeding usually from eyes,bruising,may bleed from other places like ears nose and rectum all of these are clues that you may have Ebola. If you gain this disease then sadly there are no specific vaccines or medicines have been proven to be effective. Some treatments have been tested on animals and have worked but no test have been taken or proven to work on humans.


Ways you can prevent getting this disease is wash your hands with soap and water ,dont touch anything with blood or body fluids from another person ,avoid contacts with animals,and also avoid any places where Ebola has been said to be.

Extra Facts

1. It originated in African fruit bats

2. Named for the Ebola river where its first outbreaks occured

3.It can reproduce in 8 hours

4.One of the most painful deaths possible

What You Need to Know About Ebola


Yes, Ebola is an incredibly frightening virus. This is reflective not just of the tense, panicky coverage the 2014 outbreak has received, but of the grisly reality of what it means to have Ebola — a hemorrhagic fever, vomiting, bleeding, diarrhea, and often death. But it’s vitally important to keep everything in perspective, especially when up against your fears. To this point, a number of experts are battling the Ebola panic, and it’s a reassuring reminder to keep a cool head about things.. Getting freaked out about Ebola doesn’t help anything in itself, after all.