Annual Newsletter

A year in review

What a year it was! From colonization back in September of 2014 to today, we have strived through many obstacles and came out on top! Take a look back through our time as a colony in this review of one great year.


We have had two extremely successful rush weeks both Spring Rush 2015 and Fall Rush 2015. As for our first rush our colony successfully recruited eight men, and presidents from other fraternities commented on how "[our] recruits were the best out of the bunch for spring rush." ATO held an event each day from Monday to Friday, including two events at local restaurants, flag football, a cookout, and 1 on 1 meetings. Our new Founding Fathers remarked that ATO was much different, and much better, than the other fraternities at CofC because we took the time to know every recruit personally and in different situations. Our first spring rush recruitment was a success!

Just like last Spring Rush 2015 we started this year off with a bang at Kickin' Chicken. They guys enjoyed countless chicken wings and strips while fellowshipping with many of the brothers who we haven't seen since summer break along with meeting many potential new members. Almost everyone in the fraternity had football fever with the beginning of both the NFL season and the College football seasons on the horizon so we decided to play a massive game of football in Marion Square. Wednesday was the highlight of the week for many brothers. Thanks to multiple Alumni including Alan and Scott who helped set up this event at the beautiful Patriots Point Golf Course we discovered we have a couple Tiger Wood's in the fraternity along with a few Happy Gilmore's. And, finally with our first official Fall Rush we welcomed 13 new brothers and we could not be more excited! All of the brothers gathered around the Cistern for a College of Charleston tradition in which we cheered and celebrated the addition of each new brother as they walked down the historical steps of Randolph Hall. It was a true site to see and we are looking to add more and more brothers as we continue the rest of the year.

Community Service

Saturday the 11th of OctoberDash for Trash, a community service event held by the Center for Civic Engagement, was attended by ten brothers around downtown Charleston. This was a community service event where volunteer groups competed by collecting trash around downtown Charleston. During this event brother Edwin Levya was interviewed and featured on the local news station Live 5 News. Overall it was a wonderful experience for brothers to both give back to the Charleston Community along with growing closer with one another.

Friday and Saturday the 14th and 15th of November Elfstravaganza, a charity event for four local children’s charities put on by Christine Osborne, was held and three brothers helped set up on Friday, four brothers worked the actual event, and five brothers helped take down the event. The four local charities that benefit from this event are Keys for Hope, Hugs for Harper, Happy Wheels and Abby’s Friends. We would love to thank Christine along with her husband Wayne Osborne former ATO at the College of Charleston for this wonderful opportunity.

Friday the 24th of October – Kappa Alpha Theta’s KAT at Bat whiffle ball tournament was held at Colonial Lake Fields with twenty-three brothers in attendance and eight of those brothers playing as a team in the whiffle ball competition. ATO won the banner competition, whiffle ball competition, and the overall competition.

Dance Marathon is the biggest philanthropic event put on at the College of Charleston each year, and all the proceeds of the day long event go towards the MUSC's Children's Miracle Network. This year Dance Marathon raised over$55,150.71 ATO raised the second most overall at the event at $1517. Dance Marathon brings in all the organizations on campus along with children who have suffered life-threatening illness for an all day dance event to raise funds for the charity. This year ATO took home the coveted Miracle Cup, which is the top award given to the team who raised a large amount of money, who is the most involved, most spirited, and kept everyone going the full thirteen hours. Those brother that stayed the entire day at the event included Joshua McCall, Michael Grabara, Lance Foxworth, Chris Duncan, Joe Boscia, and Kurt Kehrer.

We are so proud to announce that after one week of very diligent, hard work from all of the brothers of ATO, we won the Homecoming Week Spirit Cup! We donated toiletries, designed a banner, wrote Valentine's Day cards to senior citizens, got second place in a corn hole competition, second place in a tailgate/table designing competition, attended a pep rally, attended two basket ball games as a group, and last but not least, Jake Durham and Garrett Gillespie won Homecoming King and Prince! It was a long and stressful week, but it was so worth it in the end!

No one can put into words the experience Delta Gamma's Anchor Splash was for every brother better than our philanthropy chair Kurt Keher, "Service and philanthropy are two things that we hold dear to our hearts here at the College of Charleston and ATO. From the start of our colonization to the start of our second year we have given 110%, and the results show that. "Anchor Splash," put on by Delta Gamma Sorority is an event held to raise money for Service for Sight. We participated for the first time this year and finished in first place raising the most money for their cause! This is a trend we ATO's at the College of Charleston are growing used to, and we plan to keep setting the bar higher and higher as we lay the tracks for our fraternity's success!"

Social Events

Over the past year we have had multiple wonderful opportunities to mix and build relationships with many other greek organizations on campus. Our first was a mixer was held between Kappa Alpha Theta, Beta, Delta Gamma and ourselves at Mynt Bar and Grill.

Later on in the year we held a date night which was a sober event held at the restaurant Joe Pasta where each brother who attended brought a date for a fun night of dancing. One of the guys favorite social events of the year was a non-alcoholic DG Picnic that was held at the Delta Gamma sorority house with brothers and Delta Gamma sisters bonding over Jim and Nick's BBQ catering.

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Throughout the past year we have bonded together as a fraternity through many brotherhood events. The Colony’s first Brotherhood Event was a trip to Boone Hall’s Fright

Night with thirty-three brothers present. Together, the brothers went on a haunted hayride. Later on in the year we as brothers attended the first College of Charleston basketball game in the year. Everyone had a good time cheering on the Cougars into the new season. The third and final Brotherhood Event of 2014 was held at a brother’s house where the brothers bonded by frying wings, grilling hamburgers, throwing a football, along with playing some video games.

We started the 2015 year of strong with our Brotherhood Retreat held in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina over the weekend at a brother’s condominium homes. Throughout the weekend we had wrestling tournaments, played soccer on the beach, swam, and explored downtown Myrtle Beach.