Poor Kids

By: Junebug Childress


1 in 13 American are unemployed growing up with a single parent. In this Documentary it interview the children on how they feel about their family being poor.


The purpose of this video was that there was three Family that was poor they was interview the kids on how they felt about being poor. They really dident like it because they couldnt get what they wanted like how they use to always hungery wanted to play sports had to move away from there friends just wanted to see there family happy.

  • Money issue
  • hard trying to keep a good paying job while maintaining a family.
  • Laid off
  • Health issues
  • Insurance

Achieving Purpose

Sera & Family- Sera graduated 8th in her class and will be going on to high school next year. She's very excited because she got into the school she wanted. Family doing well also.

Johnny & Family- Tom his dad has a job as a in construction as laborer Jacksonville Florida and that he move his family there to live Johnny is playing football now he is very excited. Jasmine and Jaylan are in after school programs. The mom is a cashier at a supermarket.

Barbara, Kaylie & Tyler- Kaylie is on the swim team at her school and she recently passed her blue belt in Tae Kuan Do. she doing great in school A's & B's Tyler is doing to Job Crops witch is free education and training program to help young people to get a diploma or GED to find and keep a good job. Barbara is not working long hours at Maid Rite. She is now saving up for household appliances as they don't have a fridge or a stove. Barbara still receives food stamps and has also been applying for several months for a better paid job at a factory


My thought before watching the Documentary was where was these kids parents at why they poor are they on the street. My thought after the video is that it very hard to survive with a family then paying bills when you get laid off or your job not bring in enough income putting food on the table every night.

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