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July 30, 2021

Todd's Tidbits

Hooch Families,

I am so very excited about seeing all of our students back in the building beginning August 9th. Parents, this will be a trying year and we need your ultimate support as we welcome many students that have not stepped foot on campus in over a year and a half!

Your support in helping to “re-condition” you son or daughter in how to do school will be important to their and our success as we kick off the school year. Things like getting enough sleep, maintaining a school/life balance, and redeveloping good study and organizational habits just to name a few.

In school, we will be re-establishing norms through the Hooch Way of Respect-Pride-Integrity! Reminding students of school expectations related to dress code, academic honesty, how we move between classes, and how we act in classrooms/cafeteria/hallways, etc.

On the eve of starting the 4th decade of Chattahoochee High School’s legacy, I welcome our students to a...New Year. New Decade. Same Tradition. A tradition built on the foundation of excellence in academics, arts, athletics, and service.

All the best,

Dr. Mike Todd


Information Day

Information Day will be held on Thursday, August 5th.

9th grade

Last names A-L will attend from 9:00-9:45

Last names M-Z will attend from 10:00-10:45

Students will report to the gym during their assigned time where administration, counselors, and class council sponsors and officers will speak to the students. The students will then tour the school and end their tour in the cafeteria where they can explore clubs and sports teams. If parents would like to attend, they can report to the auditorium where the head counselor will speak. They can meet their student in the cafeteria at the end of the session. Students should print or access their schedule from Infinite Campus prior to Information Day.

10th-12th grade

All students can report from 1:00-2:30. They can explore clubs and sports teams in the cafeteria. Students should print or access their schedule from Infinite Campus prior to Information Day.

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2021-2011 FCS Student Code of Conduct

Fulton County Schools is making its Student Code of Conduct & Discipline Handbook available online in PDF format (click the link below or view the attachment). Once you have read the electronic version and have reviewed the contents with your student(s), please take a moment to complete the Acknowledgement of Receipt Form (see attachment). All parents and student (over 10 years old) MUST sign this form found within your INFINTE CAMPUS PARENT/STUDENT PORTAL ACCOUNT. This form will be available AFTER Aug 2, 2021. If you would like a paper copy of the Handbook, you or your student can pick one up in your school's front office.


School Nutrition

Students who are eligible are encouraged to apply for Free and Reduced Lunch. Please visit https://nutrition.fultonschools.org/FreeAndReducedFAQ for more information. These students will also be eligible for SAT and ACT test waivers from College Board.

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Agendas for Purchase

We still have a limited amount of generic physical agendas available for $5 (first-come, first-served).

Please click on the link below in order to reserve a planner for your student(s). An image should be on the link to get an idea of what the agendas look like.

Orders/payment should be made by Wed, Aug 4.

2021 Student Planner (osmsinc.com)


Locker rental purchases are available for the 2021-22 school year on our school website. You can follow this link to the Chattahoochee HS Homepage

Click on Online School Payments (OSP) just under the picture banner and select student locker rentals. Locker fees are $15 for the year and are non-refundable.

Lockers may be selected during Information Day on Thursday, August 5th but OSP is the only method of payment accepted and it should be purchased online before arriving on campus. Please make sure to bring your OSP receipt when selecting your locker. H Hall top lockers are reserved for Seniors and G Hall top lockers are reserved for Juniors.


2021-22 Student Parking Information is now updated to show approved students for the upcoming school year on Chattahoochee’s website under “News & Announcements”. These listed students will be able to pay online for their permit starting Friday, July 2nd from the Online School Payments button on the school website.

ONLY PAY FOR A PERMIT IF YOUR NAME IS ON THE APPROVED STUDENT PARKING LIST (Round 1 or Round 2). There will be no refunds and OSP is the only accepted payment method.

Students approved during Round 1 & Round 2 will be able to physically pick up their permit starting Monday, July 12th between the hours of 10am - 1pm, only.

Students must bring the following to the school in order to pick up their permit:

  • Completed Fulton County Parking Agreement
  • Driver's License
  • Current Proof of Auto Insurance or Motor Vehicle Registration (check expiration date)
  • Payment receipt for $90 (online payment). No cash or check will be accepted.


Please note the following:

  • Sophomores are not allowed to apply for student parking for any reason.
  • Skipping class (unexcused absences) or leaving campus without administrative or parent permission will result in a suspension or revocation of your parking privilege.
  • Excessive tardies or absences to 1st period may result in a suspension of your parking privilege.
  • Please note that meeting all the eligibility requirements still does not guarantee you parking if capacity is reached. If you apply and meet the requirements but we are at capacity, your name will remain on a waitlist. Seniors on the waitlist get priority.

The current WAITLIST Approved Student Parking is listed near the bottom in the student parking information on the website.

Please email Andie Vaccaro at vaccaro@fultonschools.org with any questions.

Class of 2025 T-Shirt

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Rising 11th Grade Meningitis Vaccine Information

Counseling Corner

Welcome back!

The counselors are working diligently to get schedules prepared for the year. Schedules should be available in the Infinite Campus portable just prior to Information Day (August 5th). If you find that you need a correction for your schedule, you will be able to make a request for change using the Schedule Correction Form. These forms will be hard copy and made available starting on Information Day. To ensure that we can be efficient with the change request process, no changes will be processed via phone call or email.

A few new things for this scheduling season:

Reduced Course load for Seniors only

All Seniors for the 21-22 school year will be given an opportunity to reduce their overall course load by one class per semester.


  1. The senior is enrolled in the courses needed to graduate on time.
  2. The senior has no classes with “WF”.
  3. Student and parent have completed the Minimum Day Reduced Course Load Option parent permission form. (this includes 18-year-old students)


  1. Students can either take a morning OR afternoon Minimum Day option.
  2. Students traveling to a Dual Enrollment class may enroll in one Minimum Day class for travel.
  3. Students may also be enrolled in Mentorship with Minimum Day, Work-based Learning, or TAG Internship.


Parents and students are urged to consider the impact of reducing the course load when applying to competitive colleges. If you would like to be considered for this option, please pick up a copy of the Reduced Course load Form in the counseling office and return it signed.

Up to 3 online classes:

All students 9-12 may take up to three online classes. Parents and students are strongly encouraged to consider learning needs and transportation options before making this selection. If you would like to take an online class, you may pick up the 2021-2022 Online Contract in the counseling office along with instructions for how to register for the course. Once your contract has been returned, we will approve your course and change your schedule accordingly.

All forms/Contracts will be available starting Information Day (August 5th). Students are to follow the schedules that are provided until an official schedule change has been sent to you. If we are unable to honor your request for a change, we will send you a response indicating why the change was not made.


We are excited to reveal our new floor and bleachers in the Fall!

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Administrators and Department Chairs

Jonathan Adel - ELA and Fine Arts
David White; ELA; Whitedp@fultonschools.org

Lori Buonamici; Fine Arts; BuonamiciL@fultonschools.org

Garin Berry - Math, PE, World Language, and TAG
Beth Smith; Math; Smithec@fultonschools.org

J.J. Hicks; PE; Hicksj@fultonschools.org

Nadia Ali; World Language; Aliahmady@fultonschools.org

Amanda Wile; TAG; Wile@fultonschools.org

Gwen Harris - Science and CTAE

Matt Mihordea; Science; Mihordea@fultonschools.org

Kylie Dayton; CTAE; Daytonk@fultonschools.org

Ingrid Parham - Social Studies and IRR
Tim Reeder; Social Studies; Reedert@fultonschools.org

Jeanne Dongieux; IRR; Dongieux@fultonschools.org

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