Agriculture Across the World

Us and New Zealand

What is Agriculture?

Agriculture is the cultivation of land and raising crops; feeding, breeding, and raising livestock; farming


The USDA is in charge of making policies regarding farming, agriculture, forestry, and food.  Its meant to help farmers and ranchers, promote agricultural trade and production, assure food safety, protect natural resources, and end hunger in the US.

About New Zealand

New Zealand is off the coast of Australia and has about 4.4 million people. New Zealand is controlled by a constitutional monarchy (similar to what Great Britain uses) and has a poverty level of 18%. The Federated Farmers of New Zealand works to promote agriculture and food safety in New Zealand similar to what the USDA does in the United States. New Zealand has a 99% literacy rate for adults but only about 14.2% have a bachelor's degree or higher. The average household has 2-3 people and the average income per house is $85,000. About 45% of people in New Zealnd claim to be Christian while 38% declare that they don't have a religion (the rest of the population is made up of a variety of religions). There are many animal rights/welfare issues due to the countries reliance on agriculture for their economy. Their agricultural based economy is successful due to their free market system and ability to compete globally, which helps them greatly. However, since the country relies on trade, it is effected by changes in the global economy, which is a disadvantage. New Zealand is among the most wired countries in the world with several mutinational corporations and one of the highest rates of personal computer ownership per capita in the world.

Agriculture in the US and New Zealand

In New Zealand, agriculture contributes to 2/3 of the nation's exports. Pastoral farming in the north is mainly beef cattle while sheep farming is common in other parts of the country. Horticulture is becoming more popular but pastoral farming makes up the majority of of land use. In the US, agriculture is a major industry as well and the US is a major net exporter of food. Agriculture mainly takes place in the central US (known as the Great Plains) and grows many cash crops as well as participate in some pastoral farming and horticulture.


Overall, New Zealand is a technologically advanced country, though not as much as the US. New Zealand is a developed country.


New Zealand mainly grows wheat though they also grow barley, maize, hay, and oats. The US mainly grows corn, soy beans, hay, wheat, and cotton These countries grow somewhat similar crops but due to their different locations and climates, they dont grow the exact same things.


In New Zealand, beef cattle, dairy cattle, and sheep are the most commonly found animals but deer and pig farming are becoming more popular. The US mainly has beef cattle, dairy cattle, sheep, pigs, and poultry. Because of supply and demand and their moderate climates, these countries raise similar animals.


New Zealand's cuisine is mainly influenced by the British (for example fish and chips is popular) but is also influenced by their Mediterranean surroundings. It's cuisine may seem strange to US citizens but could be seen as ordinary to other countries.


The US and New Zealand have very similar ways of farming because of their climates and because of what they grow/raise.