The Western Region

By Matthew

Region includes, Washington, Montana, Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming, California, Nevada, Utah , Colorado, Alaska, and Hawaii


The weather in the western region is beautiful and if you are going to a California, Oregon, or to a Washington beach You should enjoy it. Most states have dry and warm weather so you don't need to raining out your pick nick.


As a suggestion I recommend that you go to Portland, Oregon. Oregon is a beautiful place with great majestic Mountains that reach to the top of the sky.

Interesting facts

The western region has a cost.

The western region includes the biggest state in the US Alaska

The western region has lots of mountains

The western region includes the golden state

The western region is called the grasshopper glacier

Where is it

(in green)

Why the western is the best

The Western region is the best because it is considered the last frontier. The western region also has great sights to see and lots of adventure yet to behold... the region also has amazing national parks full of great animals and other landforms like geysers that should be on your bucket list.

click on the link above for more info on one of the parks in the western region

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