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The Week Ahead...

Monday, 10/17: Distance on the Coordinate Plane; HW - Lesson 5 HW page

Tuesday, 10/18: Pythagorean Theorem Review Activities; HW - Finish review pages

Wednesday, 10/19: Unit 3 TEST (Pythagorean Theorem)

Thursday, 10/20: Transformations Powerpoint/Notes; HW - Identify Transformations Page

Friday, 10/21: Transformations "Cheat Sheet" Note (STUDY!!); Begin Transformations Packet (will stay in class); HW - Reflections and Translations WS


What's Ahead...

Wednesday, 10/19 - Unit 3 Test

Friday, 10/21 - SW2 Progress Report Posting

Tuesday, 10/25 - PSAT Testing for all 8th Graders

Wednesday, 10/26 - SW2 Progress Reports Go Home

Wednesday, 11/2 - Math CA #2

Friday, 11/4 - END of SW2

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