Marketing Plan Reflections

Team Effort!

Marketing Plan Reflections

This poster includes the team’s experience in writing a marketing plan. The team shares the reactions, thoughts, and experiences in creating a meaningful marketing plan. The marketing plan contained several topics that collectively we did not know about nor realized that they would be part of a marketing plan.

Life Application of Firearms Safety and Training LLC by Jovan Petkovic and Jessica Dennis

The assignment came in time for the real life application to the actual business, Firearms Safety and Training, LLC, in strategizing and tackling the marketing phase that the business is currently undergoing. The subject matter assisted in providing guidance and direction to the real life application of the marketing plan. The marketing plan team assignment demonstrated to the team members that under time pressure, all members worked synchronously in completing the assignment goals. Although one assignment submission was submitted a few minutes past the deadline, it was completed. Most members of the team were unfamiliar with one of the main topics at hand, appropriate research was performed and as a team we came together and completed the marketing plan.

Marketing Plan New Experiences by Rosa Romero

Knowledge was gained from creating a marketing plan,. It was interesting to review the various forms of advertisement, using technology, learning about the marketing mix, and evaluating the success of the marketing plan. This was a challenging experience.

Team Members Appropriate Research by Thomas Hurley

I liked learning about formal methods for marketing. Marketing, as a concept, can allow a person to be really creative, which I like, but there are still tried and true methods that should still be followed, such as identifying target audiences, establishing a need for the product or services, and incorporating the SUCCESS elements.

Learning So Much More by Andrew Runge

I went into this class project thinking I had more of an idea what went into a marketing plan. I was wrong, but I got to learn much more about building one. I really had no idea about the topic, I personally enjoy social media, so to learn more about the aspects that they play into marketing was fun to learn about. I feel our team pulled together a really well written marketing plan, that can be utilized into the actual company

Limited Knowledge

Some learners possessed limited knowledge about the topic of firearm safety. This made it difficult to complete sections of the assignments. Significant amount of time in conducting research was used. The team worked well together by supporting each other, and good communication.

Segmentation, Differentiation, Positioning, Value Proposition

The idea of Segmentation, Differentiation, Positioning, and Value Proposition was new to me, but after learning about it, it seemed to make a lot of sense regarding marketing strategies that work. I realized that it does not really matter what you create a plan for as long as the components are there I found the research interesting

Team Effort!

Created by Jovan Petkovic, Jessica Dennis, Rosa Romero, Thomas Hurley, Andrew Runge           AET/552                 Dr. Andrew L. Smith