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Daniel Pink

The author of A Whole New Mind, Daniel Pink,

proclaims that the new world will require more “right-brained

thinkers” as the workplace recalibrates. Here is a quick paraphrase of Dr. Pink's work:

Some of the Facts


A 2007 Harris poll demonstrated that extended involvement in the arts increases the likelihood that a student will graduate and go on to college nearly three fold. In addition, individuals who were involved in the arts for a longer period of time were more likely to be college graduates with higher incomes than their peers who had a lower arts involvement over time.

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Academic Success

A study conducted by the Colorado Department of Education in 2008 concluded that students who do well in reading, writing, and science attend schools that offer a rich and varied arts program – regardless of the population’s racial composition or

socio-economic status.

The study also found that school that scored high on the arts index had a lower dropout rate than schools with a lower arts index and that students at such schools reported that the arts programs provided a crucial connection that motivated them to learn and gave them confidence to tackle other subjects.

According to the College Board annual report on the SAT, students who took four years of arts courses scored, on average, 32 points higher than the mean and 51 points higher than students who took a half a year or less of fine arts during high school.

Equalizing Effects

A 2009 report from the National Endowment for the Arts entitled Arts and At-Risk Youth looked at a collection of studies. Portions of the studies reviewed suggest that programs that offer deep arts involvement may help to narrow the achievement gap among socio-economic groups and and enable students from financially challenged background to have a more level playing field with their peers.

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Civic Envolvement

This same report also found that high school students from low income backgrounds with arts-rich experiences participated in student government and school service clubs at four times the rate of low income students who lacked those experiences.

These students were also more likely than other young adults to have volunteered recently and to vote and/or to participate in a political campaign.


A 30 year study of the careers of 40 scientists entitled, Arts Crafts: Keys to Scientific Creativity, reports that data demonstrated a significant correlation between artistic hobbies, specific forms of thinking (visual, kinesthetic, verbal, etc.) and success as a scientist. The Nobel Prize winners and most of the members of the National Academy of Sciences in the study were universally artistic and/or musical, most had several arts-related hobbies as adults, and they utilized a wide range of arts associated mental thinking tools such as three-dimensional mental imagery, kinesthetic feelings and pattern formation.

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Financial Benefits

In 2013 Plano ISD students earned more than $17 Million in scholarships as a result of their fine arts involvement.

The Texas Cultural Trust 2015 State of the Arts report that the “Creative Sector” in Texas

generates $5.1 Billion in economic activity. It employs roughly 730,000 individuals in everything from manufacturing of art supplies and musical instruments, to graphic design, to music and movie production and distribution, to performance companies in dance, theatre and music. These jobs carry an average annual salary of $77,400.

Fine Arts = Success

We believe that a vibrant Fine Arts education is the right of every child and that the research suggests that these experiences can assist students to be more engaged in school and learning in general, to succeed academically, to overcome the challenges of poverty, to participate more fully in their communities, to contribute creatively to the world and to make a decent living.

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