Operation Torch

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Operation Torch

Operation Torch was a battle lead by General Dwight D. Eisenhower on Novermber 8th 1942, to have British and American troops land in French North Africa and root out the German and Italian forces there. It was the first time British and Americans had worked together on an invasion. The landing that they code names "torch" represented the long arguments between British and American planners about the future coarse of the allies strategy.

How it happened

Where? : French North Africa

When? : November 8th 1942

How?: successfully landed in French North Africa!

Why? : To root out the German and Italian forces there, they planned to invade Sicily and move on to what they called "the soft underbelly of Europe"

Who?: British and Americans Vs. Italy and Germany

Who lead it?: General Dwight D. Eisenhower was a five star general that lead operation torch, he later became the 34th president of the united states! He also, Promoted Peace at the United Nations General Assembly to ease cold war tensions.

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What did they do?

The Goal of this battle was to root out German and Italian forces in French North Africa. They Wanted to go from there to what they called "the underbelly of Europe" It was the first time the British and the Americans worked together on an invasion. Click the picture to learn more! :)