Oil Spill Disasters

Should We Be Worried?

Should We Be Worried About The Spill?

We should be worried because lots of lives are at stake! Poor animals are stuck in that oil. Pelicans, Seagulls, Fish, and a lot of other animals. The animals can't move or fly. Also the beach is completely flooded and so is the water with all that harm doing and wasteful oil. Read on to find out the oil spill area and other important details.

How we approached the issue

First we got a blueprint of the spill and we got to work trying to find the area. We got to work and found our answers. We had to do a lot of math because of the large amount of oil. The amount of oil is incredibly big! There was more damage than we thought! The amount of oil is 432 miles overall.

Our Help to Animals

You may be wondering how we have been helping the animals. We have we been helping the animals by removing as much oil as possible. We are not completed helping animals survive throughout this crisis. We have been receiving animal professionals and they are cleaning animals. We have helped over 100 animals. We are glad to have helped this many animals. Look at their progress!