How do computers help society?

By: Brandon Miller

Help businesses

"Computers help speed up other business operations. The collecting of consumer feedback, ordering of raw materials, and inspection of products is made quicker through the use of computers, allowing companies to operate much faster and to produce better quality results." ~Alexis Writing

As Alexis said, Computers help businesses tremendously. They speed up the time it takes to complete certain tasks and jobs. What's stopping us from being replaced by computers? us humans have one thing the computer doesn't. intelligence. while computers can be perfect when printing many copies of something, humans can see if a certain copy is deformed or not the right value. intelligence knows if orange looks good with black.


I personally like having computers in our businesses. they get smarter everyday, and soon our brains couldn't handle some jobs that computers can do in seconds.

Help Education

"The Telstra survey -- across almost 600 families in metropolitan and regional Australia -- revealed 92 percent of parents "strongly believe the Internet will play an increasingly important role in their child's future education". In addition, 86 percent of family households have children at home using the Internet for research and education, while 73 percent of school children spend more time doing research at home because the Internet is available." (Renai LeMay)

The Telstra survey is a good idea, however it does not exactly tell us how education is helped by computers. With computers. teachers don't have to teach 8 hours a day. Students can just go online and be taught there. a computer can grade work much faster than a teacher can because the processing power of a CPU can spit out numbers like nothing before.


I think computers do impact education a whole lot, with computers getting smaller and more powerful, education will boom. But as I said before, teachers can be intelligent and see some errors that computers don't even take note. i do think that computers are the future of education and society itself.

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