90% of Algeria is covered with the Sahara

Physical Geography

In 2007, Algeria became the biggest country in Africa after South Sudan split away from the original Sudan due to ethnic disputes. 90% of Algeria is covered with the Sahara Desert. Only 12% of Algeria's area is inhabited due to the Atlas Mountain Range. The Sahara has put a stall on the agricultural and economic growth of Algeria. Most of the Sahara is uninhabitable and that is a big factor for most families in Algeria.

Imperialism and the Influence

The French imperialised Algeria for quite a variety of reasons like political, economical, and social. The French wanted Algeria because of fertile land, a lot of natural resources, also Algeria is conveniently located near the Mediterranean Sea, and last of all the missionaries wanted the Muslims in the region to convert to Christianity. To this day Imperialism is still having an impact on the country, Because their was not a straight-forward government set up. Civilians Protest, and that is called the "Arab Spring".

Ethnicity and Cultural Geography

Its estimated that 83% of the population is Arab and 17% are Berber. About 99% of the population practices Islam. The main language is Arabic but it has many different dialects. There are many different tribal ethnic groups in Algeria all with their own different customs and traditions.

Current Events

Algeria suspends all flights going to Tripoli after arresting hundreds of Moroccans arriving from Casablanca illegally, admitting to trying to join ISIS. This is going to cost the airlines a lot of money but it is better than letting them go and join the extremist group. Their was a fire at an Algerian migrant camp that left 18 people died and 43 people injured, The fire was sparked by a short circuit which triggered the explosion of the heater in Algiers.

Future Problems or Goals

I predict that their is gonna be a huge problem involving ISIS in the future because of Algeria's location on the Mediterranean sea which is good for scouting from Syria. One of the goals hopefully is to get the majority of the country out of poverty, Which is basically impossible.

فريق كرة القدم

فريق كرة القدم الجزائري هي واحدة من أخطر المناطق في أفريقيا. وقد تنافست أنها في الكثير من مباريات كأس العالم . في الغالب يحب كرة القدم السبب هو لأن البلد لا يتلقى المواد للعب كرة القدم الأمريكية وكرة السلة.