Political Issues

Donald Trump's Views

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Stance/Quotes on Abortion in 2015

  • Ban late abortions; exceptions for rape, incest or health. (Jan)
  • Planned Parenthood is important, but abortions must stop. (Aug)
  • Defund Planned Parenthood. (Oct)

Stance/Quotes on Abortion in 2016

  • Planned Parenthood does great work on women's health. (Feb)
  • Millions are helped by Planned Parenthood, but defund it. (Feb)

Civil Rights

Stance/Quotes on Civil Rights in 2015

  • Same-sex marriage is a state issue. (Jan)
  • Obama's presidency has done nothing for African Americans. (Aug)
  • Political correctness is country's problem, not my problem. (Aug)
  • I'm no misogynist; I put women in charge of construction. (Aug)
  • After Supreme Court vote, gay marriage is a reality. (Aug)
  • Well-educated blacks have advantage over whites. (Sept)
  • Promoted gender equality in a male-dominated industry. (Nov)


Stance/Quotes on Crime in 2015

  • Black lives matter, but we need strong police presence. (Aug)
  • 1989 full-page newspaper ads: "Bring Back the Death Penalty." (Sept)

Stance/Quotes on Crime in 2016

  • The police are the most mistreated people in America. (Jan)
  • Police can't act due to disrespect; but weed out bad ones. (Feb)


Stance/Quotes on Drugs in 2015

  • Yes to Medical marijuana; otherwise, decide by state. (Oct)
  • Study legalization, but don't legalize now. (Nov)

Stance/Quotes on Drugs in 2016

  • Brother died of alcoholism; so Donald never touched alcohol. (Jan)


Stance/Quotes on Education in 2015

  • Founded Trump University to teach the art of deal-making. (Jan)
  • Cut the Department of Education way, way down. (Jan)
  • Common Core is a disaster. (Jan)
  • We spend more per student than any other nation. (Jan)
  • Cut Department of Education and Common Core. (Oct)
  • Let schools compete: charters, vouchers, and magnets. (Nov)
  • No federal government profit from student loans. (Nov)
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Foreign Policy

Stance/Quotes on Middle Eastern Foreign Policies
  • More sanctions on Iran; more support of Israel. (Jan 2015)
  • Good that Russia is involved in Syria. (Oct 2015)
  • Better to have Mideast strongmen than Mideast chaos. (Oct 2015)
  • US should not train rebels it does not know or control. (Oct 2015)
  • Provide economic assistance to create a safe zone in Syria. (Oct 2015)
  • Let Russia bash ISIS; let Germany defend Ukraine. (Nov 2015)
  • Iran deal is one of the worst I've ever seen. (Feb 2016)
  • Figure out who our allies are. (Feb 2016)
  • I could negotiate a deal with Israel and Palestinians. (Feb 2016) Don't take sides with Israel, so we can lead negotiations. (Feb 2016)

Other Foreign Policies

  • Support NATO, but it's not us against Russia. (Aug 2015)
  • Cuban embargo: 50 years is enough. (Sept 2015)
  • We must deal with the maniac in North Korea with nukes. (Sept 2015)
  • Putin has no respect for America; I will get along with him. (Sept 2015)
  • Diplomacy and respect crucial to our relationship with Russia. (Sept 2015)

Gun Control

Stance/Quotes on Gun Control in 2015
  • A very strong supporter on the Second Amendment *right to bare arms*. (Jun)
  • By taking guns from good people, the bad people are going to have target practice [on the good people]. (Jul)
  • Protect the Second Amendment, but address mental health. (Sept)
  • Gun violence is inevitable; regulations won't help. (Oct)
  • Laws are ineffective in preventing gun violence. (Oct)
  • Mental health more important than gun control. (Oct)
  • Gun ownership makes US safer, not more dangerous. (Oct)
  • Gun-free zones are target practice for sickos. (Oct)
  • Keep enemies of the state away from guns. (Nov)

Stance/Quotes on Gun Control in 2016

  • No limits on guns; they save lives. (Jan)
  • Mass shootings are due to a huge mental health problem. (Jan)


Stance/Quotes on Immigration in 2015

  • We need strong borders; we need a wall. (Feb)
  • Half of the undocumented residents in America are criminals. (Jun)
  • This is a country where we speak English, not Spanish. (Sept)
  • Illegal immigrants populate many criminal gangs. (Sept)
  • We're only country dumb enough for birthright citizenship. (Sept)
  • Syrian refugee crisis partly our fault; but don't take any. (Oct)
  • Syrian refugees are a Trojan Horse. (Oct)
  • I don't care how they come in, if they come in legally. (Oct)
  • We must stop illegal immigration; it hurts us economically. (Nov)
  • Need to keep database of Muslim refugees. (Nov)

Stance/Quotes on Immigration in 2016

  • It's not fear of terrorist refugees; it's reality. (Jan)
  • No apology for banning Muslims from entering America. (Jan)
  • Let the good ones come back in; that's not amnesty. (Feb)
  • I take advantage of H1-B visas; but stop them. (Mar)


  • Build great wall on southern border; have Mexico pay for it. (Jun 2015)
  • Mexico and Latin America send us drugs, crime and rapists. (Jun 2015)
  • Make Mexico pay for wall with severe economics. (Jun 2015)
  • OpEd: businesses and Republicans condemn anti-Mexico terms. (Jul 2015)
  • Building a wall will save money because it stops bad dudes. (Jul 2015)
  • Mexican government is sending criminals across the border. (Aug 2015)
  • We need a wall on Mexican border, but ok to have a door in it. (Aug 2015)
  • The border wall will be well-managed and built correctly. (Aug 2015)
  • I can get Mexico to pay for border wall; politicians can't. (Oct 2015)
  • Mexico will pay for wall, but not through tariffs. (Nov 2015)
  • Walls on borders work; just ask Israel. (Nov 2015)
  • Ship millions back to Mexico, like Eisenhower did. (Nov 2015)
  • We have no borders; and yes I am angry. (Jan 2016)


Stance/Quotes on Jobs in 2015

  • Real unemployment rate is 20%; don't believe 5.6%. (Jan)
  • Take jobs back from foreign countries to lower unemployment. (Aug)
  • Don't raise minimum wage, but create more opportunities. (Aug)
  • Rebuilding America will create 13 million jobs. (Nov)
  • Teachers unions are obstacles to improving schools. (Nov)
  • I have relevant experience by creating jobs and assets. (Nov)
  • Don't Raise minimum wage; it makes us non-competitive. (Nov)

Stance/Quotes on Jobs in 2016

  • Bring jobs back from China, Mexico, Japan, and Vietnam. (Feb)
  • I'm the only one on this stage who's hired people. (Feb)
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