by: Allie Brown

What does Uranus look like?

Uranus is pale blue. It does not have a solid surface. The volume is 63 Earth's. It's size is 31,690 miles. Uranus also has a tilt.

The History of Uranus.

William Herschel discovered Uranus on March 13,1781. In 2007, astronomers around the world watched Uranus equinox, which means day and night times are equal. Can you imagine night and day are the same amount of time!

William Herschel

William discovered Uranus.


Did you know that Uranus is an outer planet? Well it is! An outer planet is not as close to the sun as an inner planet. Uranus has about 27 known moons. The lenghth of day is 17 hours and 14 minutes. The lenghth of year is 30,687 Earth days or 84 Earth years.

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Fun Facts about Uranus

Did you know that spring,summer,and fall last 21 years on Uranus?

Another thing about Uranus is that it has 11 rings!

Did you know that no astronomer has traveled to Uranus?

Something else about Uranus is the temperature is -357 F and -216 C.

Another thing about Uranus is the mass which is 14.5 Earth's.

Uranus is made of 83% hydrogen,15% helium, and 2% methane.

Did you know that Uranus has a symbol?

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