Delaney's Nerium EHT Testimony

by Jennifer Condrick

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Delaney's story

I am excited to share my 14 year old daughter's Nerium EHT testimony. She has struggled since she has been a baby. She met all of her milestones very late. Through many assessments early on at the child development unit at children's hospital they had no answers. She was globally developmentally delayed. We did years of speech therapy, occupational therapy, and physical therapy. We tried Brain Balance Achievement Center for a 16 week intensive and expensive program. We have never given up on her. Every teacher loves her and says she is such a hard worker. She went to school in our district through 6th grade with an IEP and did wonderful. She has come a long way but still struggles to keep up with her same age peers. She is now at a private school for children with learning disabilities and she is doing great. Not as much pressure and stress on her.

I have been using Nerium cream for quite a while and love it. I started to hear all about EHT and thought, "what the heck I do so much for my other kids sports and activities, why not try EHT for Delaney". After the first month, I didn't notice anything and my mom said "you need to give something new some time." Boy am I glad I continued her on the EHT. Half way through the second month, I noticed she was completing her math packet without any help and turning it in before I had a chance to look at it (before we would complete it together). I emailed the teacher and she confirmed that the packet was turned in and was perfect! Of course, I thought it was a fluke. Then it happened the following week. She also started to want to pack her own lunch( I have always packed her lunch), pick out her own outfits, and being more independent. I know these don't sound like a big deal to most people for a 14 year old but for a child who never did these things it was a big deal to us. We have been told that her brain just works differently than others so I'm not saying EHT will make her "neuro-normal" but I cannot wait to see what more EHT can do for her! To learn more, go to

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