Arkansas Between the Wars

The events of Arkansas between WWI and WWII

Post War Arkansas

In between WWI and WWII Arkansas was changing for the better with advances in technology, like the telephone, electricity and automobiles to make everything a-lot easier for the AR citizens.

Entertainment In Arkansas

During these times the economy was booming, this led to nightly radio stations and Sports like baseball

Oil and Boom Towns

During the booming twenties the economy of america was really good, this lead to people trying to find large oil deposits underground. The first oil Deposit found in arkansas was near El Dorado, it released thousands of gallons of oil to local farms, fields and all sorts of places.

Flood of 1927

-The flood of 1927 broke lives and devastated peoples lives.

-It affected 7 different states being Arkansas, Illinois, Kentucky, Missouri, Tennessee, Mississippi, and the Louisiana.

-Many people left these states because the flooding was so bad.

-Some of the factors of the flood were melting snow, and heavy months of rain

-The state of Arkansas suffered crop and property damages of more than $50 million dollars.