Howard Happenings

January 18, 2016


Accelerated Reader Tally

Baker Nash - 841,011 Words Read

Sherren - 384,825 Words Read

Eckley - 268,958 Words Read

Markus - 174,476 Words Read

Chapple/Marston - 0 Words Read

Top 10 Students

  1. Nevaeh Wilson - 154,992
  2. Angel Coleman - 142,625
  3. Jeremiah Williams - 116,874
  4. Kassandra Nunez-Lopez - 115,945
  5. Roseyln Gonzale Contreras - 89,910
  6. Xavier Moreno - 88,850
  7. Christian Stewart - 62,130
  8. Isaiah West - 59,441
  9. Ermani Johnson - 56,117
  10. Natalie Gomez - 51,711

Shout Outs

Mrs. Zielinski for sharing the sorting activity at the Wednesday PD.

Mrs. Baker Nash for being the top class in words read in AR.

Mr. Sherren for being the first to take quizzes on AR

Mrs. Hill for teaching her class to care for the tarantula they caught and learn more about the tarantula and his habitat. What a great teachable moment.

Mrs. Shepard and Mrs. Ophelia for keeping their goldfish alive.

Mrs. Novak for being a strong advocate for her students.

Mr. Gray for supporting students with scholar lunches and homework time after school.

Mr. Sherren for introducing his students to the snails this week and helping to care for our critters.

Ms. Eckley and Mr. Carranza for their excitement and hard work with getting the garden grant together.

Mrs. Baker-Nash for taking on the Oratorical and completing F&P testing.

Thanks for the donuts on Friday

Please let me know if you have a shout out you would like to see in our Howard


Yard Duty

Primary Yard-Room 4

Upper Yard-Markus

Quick Reminders

  • F&P Testing must be completed and entered by 1/22. Please let me know if you require support to meet this deadline.
  • SRI and SMI should be completed by 1/27.
  • 3-5 Students will be taking the data/technology survey this week during computer lab.
  • Parents should be encouraged to complete the data/technology survey in the computer lab before or after school.
  • Supply orders should be submitted via email to Mrs. Ratcliff and Ms. Williams.
  • To ensure student safety, it is important that all staff report to yard duty on time.

Week at a Glance


MLK Day No School


F&P Testing

Williams Walkthrough Day

Cost Meeting 11 to 12

Williams Off Site in the Afternoon-New Principal PD


F&P Testing

Williams Office Day

Howard Oratorical 9 to 10

Staff PD 2 to 3:30

Minimum Day


Live Organism Delivery

F&P Testing

Williams Off Site-Principal PD

Farmers Market 12 to 5:30

Inclusion Task Force Meeting 4 to 6


F&P Testing

Williams Off Site-Conference

Important Upcoming Dates

Makeup Picture Day 1/26

Professional Development Day 1/29

African American Literature Read-In 2/1-2/5

FYI - CPS Reporting

A few helpful steps:

1. Before contacting CPS, gather all the information needed for the form.

2. Write down your thoughts of what happened so you can share it with CPS.

3. Inform your Site Principal that you will be contacting CPS (optional).

5. To maintain confidentiality, it is best that you don't share with others that you made the phone call to CPS, except Site Principal.

Odds and Ends

  • Web resources (go noodle, class dojo, etc) can be found here.
  • All Howard documents can be found here.
  • PD Agendas can be found here
  • Please sign up for Chromebook carts using the Chromebook sign out calendar

Clerical Corner

  • Please submit attendance by 10:30 am daily
  • Personal leave days must be requested 3 days in advance by completing a B form and submitting to Mrs Ratcliff.
  • Incident reports should be filled out and submitted to the office for all head and major injuries (Incident reports do not go home).
  • Ouch reports should be filled out and sent home for all minor injuries.
  • Sign in and out daily with arrival and departure times.
  • All independent study requests must be referred to Mrs Gross.