Erwin School Library Staff Update

Nancy Cravey, School Librarian

9 May 2016

April reading minutes will be collected May 10.

On Friday afternoon, all staff members with library items checked out received a list of items that need to be returned (check your mailbox). Staff materials will be due the last day of school.

Overdue notices for students were placed in teacher mailboxes Friday afternoon. please send these home Monday. Students may check out library books until May 27. All student books will be due June 3. Student notices will be sent weekly for the rest of the school year. Please remind and encourage students to return their books. If they have lost a book, the lost book fee is $5.00.

Dates of Interest and Importance

May 10 -- April reading minutes due

May 12 -- Boys Love Books/Girls Get Moving

May 27 -- Last day for student library checkout

June 3 -- All student library books due

June 9 -- May reading minutes due

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Book Fair

Thank you to staff who supported the book fair. The funds raised for the library from the fall and spring book fairs will be used to buy books to update the library collection.


April minutes are due May 10.

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Discovery Education: Lively Lessons STEM Challenge

Engage students with a STEM Challenge to relocate endangered animals.

Use Discovery Education Builder Tools to create quizzes or assignments for EOG Boot Camp. There is also a Puzzlemaker.

Tech Tip: Webmail has a new look

You will see this new look when you are accessing Webmail (Office365) externally, i.e. using guest sign in on devices, from home, etc. Type the GCS given username/user id , i.e. and then the password to gain access to email.

See the screenshot below for a preview.

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