19th Century Education Reform

By Jake Kenslow

What was it

It was the process of making the school system in america better. It extended the school year, provided training to teachers, and provided supplies. It educated the next generation who then improved the education system even more.

What it did to schools

Made schools tax payed and tuition free for every child.

Let minorities go to school

Got government involved in schooling

Created curriculum to better teach students

provided transportation to students

made schools safer and more accessible

Horace mann

He was the leading educational reformer of the early 19th century. He got the government involved in schooling and the state government for curriculum. Introduced grades for different ages and skill levels. He also increased training for teachers

Henry barnard

Another leader in education reform. pushed for free schools to the public and helped establish good schools in rhode island and connecticut

Modern Influence

If we didn't have the education reform of the 19th century then our country would not be as advanced. The reason we have modern technology is because there was a school to teach people. Our school today might have been only expensive private schools.

Things that could have been done better

It took a while for laws to be in place to make sure kids went to school. There also could have been better personalized learning for individuals.