Dealey Dragon Update

October 31 , 2021

Message from the Principal

Dear Excellent Dragon Families,

Last Wednesday we hosted Brad Ramsey, President and General Manager of WFAA, as our Principal for the Day. I was so grateful to have the opportunity to showcase all of the learning and growing here at Dealey. Getting to see our staff and students through the eyes of our visitor reminded me of the magic that happens here every day. Please see the photos below for some of the highlights.

Have a great week!

Dragons breathe fire!

Much love,

Ms. Wing

Updates and Information


The construction of the awnings is complete, so we will return to dismissing all walkers to the area of the trail by the blue bin.

Please review this guidance, so that you can help our community better understand district guidance on masks. This document is for staff only, but please review it so you can answer questions.

COVID Updates

We have had 5 cases of COVID at Dealey since school started. Here is the district's COVID 19 Handbook if you need information about protocols.


Please see list of updates from SBDM SBDM Principal’s Report

Need Help?

Please follow this link to see who to call for what

Important Dates

Dealey YAG Calendar

All Staff Dates (Dealey Dragons) are here

All Community Dates (George Bannerman Dealey) are here

Nov 2 Election (in Foyer)

Nov 6 Discover Dallas virtual event

Nov 9 SBDM @5 PTA @6

Nov 14 Dealey Family Fun 3:30-5:30 outside

Nov 19 Middle School Fall Party 4:00-6:30

Dec 2 Virtual Open House for Prospective Families 6:00 pm via Zoom

Shout Outs!

If you would like to send some love to a staff member, please complete this form.

Coach C and UE students for Thriller

Garden Club and Ms. Davila for the pumpkin contest- what fun!

Ms. Winners for a fun Red Ribbon Week. I do love a dress up day!

Ms. Wekewa for learning how to use the cricut

Ms. Moschioni for clearing all of our LPAC discrepancies

CILT for really good recruitment brainstorming.

Ms. Soto and Mr. Richardson for taking care of the building this week

Ms. Russell and MS Orchestra for an amazing concert

From the Community

Ms. Lavat Your daily mindfulness & meditation time is so meaningful to our child. We’ve tried to teach her some mindfulness techniques before, but she only began showing interest once she started learning them with you. Today she came home and searched through her rock collection to choose a rock for school. I asked her what it was for, thinking maybe it was for a science lesson, but she said, “mindfulness & meditation!” as if that were a given. She sees this part of your daily routine as just as important as her lessons and work. Thank you!1st grade parent

Ms. Stubbsis very nice, teaches us a lot of math, and encourages us to work hard! She has also showed me lots of techniques and we even get to do fun Friday/hobby time!Andelyn Xu

Ms. Winners helps us and teaches us how to control our emotions. She also helped answer many questions about applications into high school.Andelyn Xu

Mr. Mazur is a very nice art teacher and teaches us important art techniques. He also shows us a lot of art projects.Andelyn Xu

Ms. Powell is a terrific theater teacher, teaching us many important techniques about acting and also giving us the great opportunity to do a play!Andelyn Xu

Ms. Meinhardt was the one that is hosting the spelling bee/spelling bee practice. She teaches us a lot of roots of words and hel[s us memorize words in the spelling bee practice.Andelyn Xu

Ms. Testut is coordinating the 4-6 robotics team and even made an exception to accept 18 people! She is also very nice!Andelyn Xu

Ms. Russell teaches us orchestra and spends extra time to make sure we are very good at playing an instrument.Andelyn Xu

Ms. Dang teaches us science and helps us if we are confused on a subject.Andelyn Xu

Couch Connaughton introduces us to many different very fun games, teaches us cool dances, and shows us good workouts, as well as making us not stressed for the Fitness Gram/Pacer Test.Andelyn Xu

Ms. Simmons introduces us to lots of great books, showed us Epic, and also provides us with many fun activities to do during the summer.Andelyn Xu

We don't have to agree on anything to be kind to each other!