Fun With Firsties

October 19, 2015

Curriculum Highlights

Language Arts-Unit 2 of Adventures of the Superkids is underway. We have a new list of Memory Words to learn! This week, we will read the story "What Can You Get For A Nickel?" As we read, we will practice observing punctuation marks as we read with expression.

Math- We will continue to work through Topic 3 this week, learning about five and tens relationships. On Friday, we will begin our Fast Facts Math Practice! Students attempt to complete up to 26 facts in 4 minutes. This helps students to be able to recall basic math facts quickly and accurately.

Social Studies-This week, we will begin Unit 2, Where People Live. This unit will introduce us to the idea that people live in many different locations, and these locations affect the way that people live.

Religion-Our Religion lessons this week will continue to focus on The Holy Family. We will continue to discuss family life as it is now and family life as it was during Jesus' time.

Harvest Festival Costume Parade

This year, the Lower School costume parade will open the Harvest Festival. The parade will begin at noon. The parade will start with Kindergarten, followed by 1st through 4th grades. The parade starting point will be the Kindergarten courtyard. The children will then walk in a large circle past the elementary building, past the Hayden Building, and finally, across the field. Parents can gather anywhere along the route to watch and take photos. Students will return to their homerooms to be picked up before attending Harvest Festival. Parents should allow ample time for parking on this busy day so that they do not miss the parade. Students should come to school that morning with their complete costume already on.

Notes To The Fabulous Folks

  • The First Grade Parent Party was a great success. Many thanks to the Bridge Family for being such gracious hosts!
  • Parent Conferences will be held on Wednesday and Thursday. We look forward to meeting with you all this week!
  • For your planning purposes, please cancel any California Fresh Lunch orders for Thursday, October 29. We will eat lunch at the Discovery Cube that day. Also, please note that all lunches must be disposable, nothing will be saved or brought home from our trip!
  • Harvest Festival is just around the corner! First grade is being asked to supply bottles of water to sell at the festival. Please send any donations to the classroom with your child.

Spirit Day-Friday, October 23

This Friday, October 23, we will have a Sports Day Spirit Day! Students may wear any type of sports clothing-jerseys, t-shirts, or sweatshirts from your favorite team. If you don't have team apparel, clothing in the colors of your favorite team is also welcome!

In addition, we ask students to bring any gently used sports equipment to their MJS School Family on Friday morning. The equipment will be donated to Our Lady of Guadalupe School. Many thanks for your support!

Upcoming Dates

October 21 and 22-Parent Teacher Conferences, No school for students

October 23-Sports Day Spirit Day

October 29-Field Trip to Discovery Cube Los Angeles

October 30- Harvest Festival 12:00-3:00pm

November 2 and 3-No school for students


Monday-Why, What, Where, and Who practice.

Tuesday-Math, Assignment is posted online. Once you log in, please click on the TO DO icon. This will take you directly to the assignment. Feel free to use the online textbook as a resource, but note that the homework assignment is not located in the on-line textbook .

Wednesday-No homework!

Thursday-No homework!