Stephin F. Austin

A Texas Empresario

Stephen F. Austin

He was referred to the Father of Texas. He brought hundreds of families to colonize Texas. He was very successful at doing this. His father was Moses Austin.
He was born in 1793. He made the first legal settlement of North American families to live in Mexico owned Texas. He got a grant for three hundred families called the The Old Three Hundred. Texas was flooded by American immigrants as many as 30,000 before the begaining of the Texas Revolution.

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He was very successful with his settlement in Texas. He was very good getting people to move in his settlement in Texas.
He was an empresario. An empresario is aperson that was granted to have a settlement in Texas. He decided to have a settlement. He was very sucessful at doing this. He had one of the most biggest settlements in Texas. And sold lots of land to families that lived in his settlement. 


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