Princess From Another Planet

book report by: Ellie Wiles

About my Book

This book is about a girl named Gracie who's mother thinks that she is a queen from another planet named the Pannadeau, so there for that means that Gracie is a Princess From Another Planet! It also is really fun to read and i would recomend it to be a 5th-6th grade reading level! The most exciting part in this book would have to be the end! Why? well you're going to find out!

Summary/ My (mountain plot)


At the begining of this book it talks alot about Gracie, her family and the Maluxzaids! Gracie has a little brother named chuck, a father named Gallant, an aunt named Leora, a cousin named Wren, and the "queen" mother Dorothea! At first Gracie does not belive in her mom that she she is the queen let alone her being the princess! Chuck likes to do karate and play around with his sister. Gracie's father ownes a quaint thrift shop with his daughter and Gracie's mother is a house wife who teach's her daughter to fight the aliens that will come down to earth from space (the Maluxzaids)! The Maluxzaids have a plot to kill the whole family except Wren and her mom Leora! the only thing they can do is to prick them with a special necklace called a prickler! when ever you prick a Maluxzaid it will explode because they are filled with water! One last thing abot the Maluxzaids is that they can disguise themselfs as enything you can imagine even a person!

Rising Action

Leora (Gracie's aunt) wanted her daughter Wren (Gracie's cousin) to go to a summer camp to ride horses, swim, and meet new people but Wren did not wanted to go because she is not into outdoor activities she just likes to read and stay inside alot, but on the other hand Gracie loves to be outside and has always dreamed of riding a horse! So without telling anyone they swap places so that Gracie can go to camp and Wren can stay home!


Gracie's mom gave her a necklace to keep away the maluxzaids by "pricking" them in the shoulder. Not only does it do that it has a color code orange for danger red for extreme damage and white for safety! Wren and Gracie would ride in a limouzine to go to the camp everyday and the driver thought that Wren was Gracie and Gracie was Wren! The limo. driver starts to be very interested in "Gracie" but not "Wren", "Wren" thinks that somthing is up and starts to realize that he is a Maluxzaid, along with a camp instructor named Kip and two Goats! Real Gracie finds out that she is truely a princess from another planet!

Falling Action

Real Gracie and Hart had to get maluxzaids who kidknapped Real Wren and Chuck! who were all found in the dark forest of the summer camp. (Lance, the limo driver) was found with Real Wren and Chuck tied to a tree with their mouths taped, when Gacie and Hart rode in on Cinamen and Dog. They had noticed that they were both maluxzaids and they needed to explode so, Gracie and Hart tried to prick them with the prickler necklace and had succeded, then they untied Wren and Chuck and then an officer showed up and blamed Gracie for kidnapping Chuck and Wren, but then Wrens mom showed up and told the officer that Gracie was inacent and they were just playing games.


Gracie was proved inacent and did not get arrested. Gracies mom told her that the worm hole closed up and that they couldnt get back home to Pannadeau, so that would prove that Earth is their only home to call, "Home, sweet home."