School Board Meeting Highlights



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All motions were approved.

Business Meeting

Student Recognition

PHS Art Teacher Christopher Barrett spoke about the PHS Computer Fair State Winners:

Sriyaa Suresh (9th grade) placed 2nd in the State for the Computer Animation category

Graham Burrell (11th grade) placed 1st in the State for the Digital movie category

See their award-winning videos here.

Broadcast Journalism/Parkland News Network Teacher David Thomas spoke about the state and national video competition winners from the past school year as follows:

Matilda Kitabwalla, Stephanie Klotz and Jackie Katz - Mid-Atlantic Emmy Award

Max Hakim and Graham Burrell – Pennsylvania 10 Day Film Challenge Winner

Graham Burrell, Mitch Knafo, Jared Silverstein and Emily Kapelsohn - Lighthouse International Film Festival Winner

See their award-winning films here.

2016-17 General Fund Budget Approval

The School Board approved a 2016-17 General Fund Budget that will require a 3.48% tax increase. View the full details here.

Links to full budget documents:

Budget Document

State Form Budget Submittal


Many Board members thanked the administration for bringing forth a responsible budget and thanked everyone in the Administration for the amount of detail and explanation that has been provided over the past few months leading up to the budget approval.

Director Rob Cohen reported that the Parkland Library will be seeking voter approval on the construction of a new library in South Whitehall Township on Election Day this November. There will be a celebration to commemorate the site on July 9th. Details can be found here.|new-library-site-celebration|8946

Board President David Kennedy closed the meeting by stating that it was great to meet the video and film award winners tonight. It's been a tremendous spring consisting of a lot of student recognition and he thanked everyone for their leadership and for providing great opportunities for our students.

NEXT MEETING: July 26, 2016 at 7 PM (Workshop), 8 PM (Regular Meeting)