Focus Rehabilitation

Exercise program for injury rehabilitation & Post baby bodys

Don't sit on the sideline and suffer from Injury any more be proactive and speed up your recovery.

Focus is the place for you our specialist personal trainers will develop a program that will assist you in retaining your strength and fitness whilst adding your body in recovery. From a small sprain to a full reconstruction we create the plan to your specific strengths to make it challenging and rewarding.

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Wanting to get your pre baby body back? Focus will show you how!

After having a baby there a stringent rules in place in your return to exercise!

Paul and his team can create a plan for you to get moving and feel confident again.

Our post baby exercise plans work for your individual body needs at the safest intensity levels to ensure your heath is the priority. We start slowly with small steps that will in turn get you to your final goals. Call Paul today on 0357432800 to find out more.

We are here to help to!

Here at focus our number 1 priority is your well being.

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