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How To Take Care Of Aloha Shirts

Aloha shirts can be compared to nothing less than designer shirts. Hence, you should also be aware of how to take care of these special collectibles properly to retain their luster and newness. Other than being fashionable and precious to a collector, special care is needed for aloha shirts as most of these shirts are made from soft and fragile fabrics like silk, cotton and rayon. While cotton is the easiest to maintain, silk and rayon-made aloha shirts must be taken special care of to ensure that they retain their shine throughout your life. .


Washing is one of the primary stages of taking care of aloha shirts. No matter how fragile your shirt is, you must wash it regularly to maintain its strength and vitality. However, all fabrics are not meant to be washed regularly and in the same process, using detergent. While rayon can be hand washed normally with water and detergent, cotton and silk shirts must never be subjected to wet wash. If you do not know how to wash your shirt, follow the washing instruction provided with the shirt and you would be able to maintain your shirt in the pink of its health. Use a mild detergent while washing aloha shirts. Other than that, make sure that you unbutton the shirt before washing, as that would prevent the buttons from breaking and chipping. You can use fabric conditioners for cotton and Likre aloha shirts, if allowed. However, avoid using bleach at any cost..


Drying is also a crucial step, as the fabrics used to manufacture aloha shirts are usually of fragile nature and may get damaged pretty easily when dried improperly. For instance, rayon shirts tend to rip off easily when wet. Hence, avoid wringing rayon aloha shirts after washing. Use a fabric covered hanger to hang the shirt and place it in a shaded windy area while drying it. Avoid placing any kind of aloha shirt under direct sunlight. Other than that, invert the shirt and hand it inside out to retain the colors for a longer duration..


Since we rarely wear aloha shirts, storage is also crucial. The best way to store aloha shirts is by wrapping these with paper or in special shirt covers or boxes. Add a few packs of silica gel to keep moisture at bay. Click here to check out authentic Hawaii made aloha shirts.